Joe Budd’s Analysis of the CD19 Election

Video provided by Boris Balaban:


45 Responses to “Joe Budd’s Analysis of the CD19 Election”
  1. Contact Joe and let him know what you think!

    • ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

      Shannon I am sorry but I cannot deal with the Koolaid attitude here! I love you and Doug tremendously but I am done! We can be friends but I can no longer participate with the clueless members that keep babbling BS! Too bad those who support JB cannot even vote for him…very sad!

      If you wanna talk call or email me! Love you guys and again GO ALEXA!!!!

      • EdFulop EdFulop says:

        Gone so soon? I would’ve thought the battle would’ve made your skin thicker, Ellen. What’s that they say about people living in glass houses . . . . .

        Best of luck.

      • Conversation IS A GOOD THING! Thank the good Lord we can still do that. In what better environment then in our own forum to discuss the merits good or bad of a candidate. I personally and many members of this group worked on Eds campaign and our group alone made thousands of calls for Ed, my husband personally went out and put door hangers on an entire precinct by himself. Iris made over 650 calls for Ed L . Fred coordinated our team effort and many of us gave up a Sat morning or two to help with the campaign. HOWEVER: It is a great place to live in our country where people can look at the good and bad of an election, and a candidate! My personal opinion here on the site has no place in regards to the particular candidate, as the leader my position is to hope that you educate yourself on the issues, the cadidates and the results. Be kind, we are not the oposition we are conservatives seeking good PRINCIPLED candidates. No matter what office they run for.

  2. ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

    I seriously think Joe Budd does NOT have a chance to beat Deutch! Edward Lynch got those additional voters out as he & his team made this race go National! His name is out there already and if people really want to beat Deutch they need to rally behind Ed in November….and that means you too Jim McCormick! This is about taking our country back NOT about having a primary!! If you all really love this country and want to win another Conservative seat vote for the one who CAN win…Ed Lynch!

    • Jason Jason says:

      Ed has tried for 2 years to get voted in…unable to, I think it’s time to back Joe Budd & see what he can do. I seriously think Joe Budd can win dist. 19. The south Florida 912, Tea parties and conservative Americans together along with Ed and his staff, got those voters out not just Ed! I know for a fact I and many, many, many others worked and worked our _ss offf to get a conservative into that seat! We need to stay focussed and work together. I voted for Ed, and I took people to the voting places as well. Iam very proud of the efforts that Ed and his staff has done. You ALL did a great job.

      • ConservativeDiva Ellen says:

        Joe does NOT have the support or recognition that Ed does…our ONLY hope is EDWARD LYNCH!!

        • EdFulop EdFulop says:

          Ellen — What you fail to account for is that in the February 2nd primary, 59% of the vote went to someone other than Ed Lynch. Even with Curt Price’s syphoning off 19%, Joe came within 37 votes of beating him. If Curt sits November out, the majority of those votes will go to Joe, because they were already voting against Lynch.

          • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

            And Ed Lynch is starting to have name recognition for not being able to win, and after awhile, say two elections, that hurts.

            I also don’t appreciate the way Ed (lynch) and you Ellen and Daria and so many other people Co-Opted Connor Lanser and shamelessly use that kid to promote your agenda with a nice looking face.

          • Austin,

            I am an independent thinker! I emailed Ellen and asked how I could help… She gave me a few things, but when I asked for more she said NO because I needed to focus on my studies! Daria has NOTHING to do with the campaign and me… so don’t even bring her into this! Edward Lynch is the MOST amazing person that I have ever met and he has NEVER EVER used me to promote his agenda! I promoted his agenda because it is my agenda! You are obviously not the person I thought you were or you would understand that there are people out there at my age who know what they are doing. Before you make an accusations please check the facts and talk to the person you are talking trash about!

            P.S. I do not appreciate the way you are butting in on something that has NOTHING what so ever to do with you! I know you like Joe Budd, but he lost… so man up! If you truly cared about your country you would have showed up to at least one event for Ed!

          • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

            This is a reply for Connor. If you say it is so, then I believe you Connor, but had you even talked to Joe Budd or Curt Price before deciding to support Ed? If so, then fantastic, and that’s great. I know you’re smart, and I know that you’re well ahead of those in your peer group, believe me, I was there at one point. I think it’s great you’re involved, and you can’t even vote and you’re more involved than people my age, so great.

            However, if you wanted to be treated as an independent thinker, I’m about to lay some truth on you. If I don’t support Ed, I’m not going to vote for him. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy, just means I won’t vote for him. If you really MUST know, my decision in the primary was incredibly last-minute and I ended up supporting Curt Price. So whoever told you I was a Budd voter told you wrong. Check your facts.

            I made the statement I did about them “co-opting” you because I care about you Connor and I want to see you maintain and continue to be an independent thinker. People can manipulate one another whether it be malicious or not, and I’m sure you understand that. It’s why I didn’t just drag you on to my campaign, because I didn’t want to force you into anything. I don’t want YOU to feel like you have to believe something just for people to respect you. In America, we respect each other because we believe what we believe, whether we agree or not. I supported Ed in the Special Election and in November if he’s the candidate I support then he will get my vote. That’s how to be an independent thinker, trusting your gut and your own mind even if it might not be the most popular or most successful.

            Sorry if I offended you, really, but I do worry and I feel that you’ve gotten too partisan too quickly without truly exploring all facets of political thought.

  3. Dee Dunn says:

    NO THIRD PARTY IN THE NEXT ELECTION for the sake of our country! Joe Budd, PLEASE don’t run against Ed. We need all the capital he has built up to pull this thing off! Be an asset, not a liability!

    • ConservativeDiva Ellen says:

      Thank you Dee! Everyone in the District agrees! Joe we are asking as American Patriots that you do the right thing here…thank you!

  4. Barbara says:

    Good video…well presented and clear points. Seniors ARE not as unhappy with the healthcare and the treatment of Israel as they well should be…and that is because they are not being told the facts!

  5. My email box is full of responses both good an bad. Please keep posting and tell others about the video. My thoughts are the more people we can get involved the better. I mean as candidates and as voters and volunteers. I like Joe’s question and I like his postive comments about Ed. Conversation is a good thing, lets not be so blind that we turn into the progressive side of the debate and say that our way or our candidate is the only way. “Question with boldness” Jefferson said. Please keep this tenent true.

  6. ConservativeDiva Ellen says:

    Joe Budd cannot win this district! He does have the name recognition or the support that Ed Lynch has! WE are ALL behind Ed as are people all over the country….go look at his Facebook and mine! People are already sending donations to him for November and all Tea Parties & 9/12 groups etc all over the nation have vowed to get behind Ed in FULL FORCE! If you really care about this country you will support the one that CAN win…Edward Lynch!

    Did you know that 13 high Republican voter precincts were switched without notice to voters? If that had not happened Ed would have won hands down! This will be dealt with!!

    • EdFulop EdFulop says:

      Again, Ellen, I have to respectfully disagree. Lynch had 16 months to campaign before the February 2nd primary. Joe Budd had less than 4, and he came within 37 votes. Not even taking Curt Price into consideration, if the primary race would’ve been 2 weeks longer, I think it all would have turned out very differently.

      • ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

        Yes and we had to waste so much time fighting off attacks from your “honorable principled Joe Budd”….I may laugh myself to death!

    • Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

      Ed Lynch stopped here at Century Village on election day and was interviewed in front of the clubhouse by Channel 5 and the AP. A few of the CV912SuperSeniors were there with signs when he arrived. He told us that he had just come from a polling place that had been moved without prior notice and that there was only one small sign stuck in a fence about the move.

      What in the world??? Where do we go on that one??? And now you tell me there were 13 of these moves….

  7. StevenR SteveR says:

    If Joe runs for CD -19 will be beaten in humiliating fashion by Deutch.
    Joe should run for the State Senate seat that Deutch is vacating. He has a shot at that seat and will have much more grassroots support for that run.

  8. Conservative Choice says:

    Clearly the point Joe was implying is that in order to WIN you need someone who is not only able to get the vote out but INCREASE the percentages. Joe nearly won the primary. This says that the top voters wanted a new face. Even with all the effort and the “momentum” from Scott Brown’s win Ed didn’t get the job done when his opportunity was at its best. Yes, there is a trend in this country to vote out the progressive, but it can ONLY be accomplished by the candidate that has his own house in order and is believable to the cross over voter.

    • Theresa Gonzalez says:

      nearly doesn’t make a win!!!!! Bud will get the same help that him and his people gave Lynch!!

      • ConservativeDiva Ellen says:

        Great point…:)

      • EdFulop EdFulop says:

        Joe Budd offered his help and support to Ed Lynch, and was flatly rejected. Lynch has run twice, and has failed twice. The people of the district have spoken very clearly, either by voting for the winner, or by not bothering to vote at all.

        • ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

          Guess you have not heard the truth about Joe’s “offer to help”! Joe is NOT an honorable man! With this attitude you will get the government you deserve! The word on JB is out so good luck winning District 19. Ed Lynch will move on to bigger & better things as he is the better man!

          Seems some of you have “sipped” the Koolaid…lol! Good luck guys 🙂

          What gets me is how you people actually believe JB is a good man….negativity turns people off Joe 😉 The few of you who support Joe better get ready to pound the pavement…he is gonna need the help!

          • EdFulop EdFulop says:

            Enlighten me to the “truth” of Joe’s offer, Ellen. You’re right about negativity turning people off, though. I’m guessing your comments all over this thread has done that very thing — lights out!

  9. aCe says:

    Ellen, I agree, Ed Lynch’s name is well known. Everyone knows that he’s that guy that lost—->TWICE! It’s time to step aside, Ed, and admit that God has something else for you. This November our country will be in House cleaning mode…and Deutch is now a part of that House…

    Bring on Joe Budd!

    • ConservativeDiva Ellen says:

      People know Joe Budd as the candidate that would NOT support a fellow Republican! I will support Joe like he supported Ed….not at all! Joe should have thought about his negative campaign before he ran it 😉

      Ed Lynch is a STAR!!!

  10. yorkiemum Victoria Thiel says:

    Ed Lynch has the name recognition. He is the best candidate. His volunteers worked for and supported Ed because the believe in him and his character. As long as he wants to run, I believe all of his supporters will stay behind him and will be privileged to be on his team. There is no candidate that measures up to Ed.

  11. yorkiemum Victoria Thiel says:

    I agree with Steve R. If Joe Budd stops trying to upset the applecart and instead supports Ed’s run for Congress and encourages his supporters to work toward that goal, I will volunteer for Budd for State office, and persuade others to do the same.

  12. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Joe — you are a man with integrity, honor, principles, values, and are blessed with a servant’s heart. I will support your decision to pursue any public office, and pledge my sweat and my treasure to make it so.

    • ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

      Integrity? Honor? Principles? *pause*…had to pick my self up off the floor from laughing so hard! Good luck getting endorsements from REAL people…LOL!! This is really laughable…Joe Budd is NONE of the above…:)

      • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

        It’s funny Ellen, Ed Lynch once said we don’t even need to reach out to Democrats, in a 2-1 registered voter disparity? Are you SERIOUS? I can’t really keep myself from questioning this any longer. Being a candidate once doesn’t entitle you to it over and over and over again. You don’t keep the starting job at Quarterback because you throw interceptions and lose games, and have been there for a long time because people like you.

        Let someone else give it a shot or we’re stuck waiting another two years, and will we run Ed YET AGAIN? probably, because the Republican party is too damned stupid to know when they’ve got a good thing on their hands.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Joe Budd doesn’t stand a chance of generating enough excitement to beat Deutch. But more than that, he exhibited nothing but self interest when he stated he wouldn’t support the winner of the Republican primary and I think everyone needs to take a good, hard look at this. No matter the margin, the people chose Ed Lynch as their candidate and Joe then chose to disregard the people. Do you think he’ll do any differently in Congress? I don’t! I wouldn’t even vote for him for County Commisioner for this reason because it shows he is weak and therefore corruptable.

    • EdFulop EdFulop says:

      I encourage you to meet the man before you pass judgement, and ask him why he wouldn’t support Ed before the primary. His answer might just surprise you. Saying “Yes” is easy — the true test of character and strength is being able to say “No”.

      • Kathleen says:

        I encourage you to reread what I wrote above and interpret it properly before arrogantly assuming I have not met the man and am “passing judgement”. Joe’s reasons for not supporting Ed do not matter to me. Ed was the people’s choice and Joe Budd did not respect that fact. Nor was he wise enough to grasp the bigger picture that a Deutch win in April would make our mission even more difficult in November. His decision was petty and self-interested, in my opinion. And, obviously you weren’t present when Joe Budd stated that because he held the position of deacon at his church he could be deemed trustworthy. Any Christian knows that is a false statement and that alone calls his character into question. I do not believe he is a viable candidate. You are certainly entitled to disagree but you seem to have a misguided sense of the meaning of true character.

        • EdFulop EdFulop says:

          Please enlighten me, Kathleen, because I am “any Christian”, and I am at a total loss of understanding your statement above as to how it pertains to the trustworthiness and character of a deacon!!!??? Or a man, for that matter. In the Bible, the word “deacon” is used interchangeably with “servant-leader”. Isn’t that kind of the same thing as a public servant? You also say “obviously, I wasn’t present” when Joe said this. If memory serves, not only did he use that statement as part of the bio on his web-site, but he mentioned it during two of the debates between the Republicans from Florida’s 19th — the South Florida 9.12’s, AND the South Florida Tea Party’s. If you indeed were present, I think you might remember that not only was I present, I was a panelist asking questions of the candidates at BOTH events.

          Joe’s reasons for saying that he wouldn’t support Ed should he win the primary are his alone, but I must remind you that when he made this statement, Ed was not yet “the people’s choice”, as you put it, because the primary was still weeks away. And again, I’ll remind you the same statistic that I quoted above; 60% of the registered Republicans in FL-19 who bothered to show up on February 2nd and vote in the primary VOTED FOR SOMEONE WHO WASN”T ED LYNCH. He won by a statistical majority, but that does not make him “the people’s choice” in a 3 man race. One could now say that Ted Deutch was, too, “the people’s choice”, with that same 60% of the registered voters in FL-19 who bothered to show up on April13th.

          As to my “arrogance” and “misguided sense of the meaning of true character”, I ask you to find a single word in the posts above where I disparrage Mr. Lynch, or anyone else, including you for that matter. I posted a response to Joe’s request for advice on whether or not he should run again, and I was attacked because I dared to encourage him. When I pointed out facts about how the events unfolded, I was called an arrogant Koolaid drinker who babbles BS. Is that the definition of true character? What it sounds like is Saul Ailinsky — when one can’t argue the facts, call them names, marginalize them.

          For my definition of character, read the post below from Joe’s son, Zack, honoring his father . . . . and his Father, for that matter. There’s moral and ethical strength.

  14. Zack says:

    It is amazing how some of you on here attack my Father and you really don’t know him. My family gave 5 votes to Ed Lynch in this last election, so we didn’t vote for any one else. My Family has been through alot, at least in the time I have been on this earth. From my family living in one room in my grandmother’s house to where we are now, it is awesome to know where God has brought us from. Furthermore, the time my dad spent through the hard times to work to pay off are bills and to send us to a school that gave us a christian education. I highly admire him for what he sacrificed to do that for us. I have watched my Father over my whole life and to say that he is not a man of integrity, of character, or a person who stands up for what he believes in, I would be lying.

  15. Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

    If there is to be any kind of conservative wave to rise up and move us away from the shoals of progressive hegemony, we need to recognize that the enemy is on the OTHER SIDE.

    If you take every election loss personally, you will not survive what is to come. The primary has been over and done with 2 months ago. Why are we re-hashing all the nastiness from then? When Ed Lynch became the candidate, most of the 9-12 group got behind him, including many of the Budd partisans. Many of those worked with me on the phonebanks and understood that the job was to try and defeat Ted Deutch.

    We lost – get over it. The district never favored a Republican, yet we did pick up 10% over 2008. Ed had some pros and cons, but he worked very hard and gave it his best shot. I never heard Ed say any of the nasty things that are appearing on this thread from his “supporters”. There is a lesson in this.

    Regardless of what Joe said during the primary, he provided encouragement to Ed in the general and offered help on a number of occasions. This is not the time to open old wounds.

    In the next 6 months, we need to organize effectively to elect a whole group of excellent candidates. If the grassroots is going to win the day, we can’t keep up this squabbling. That means that the petty rivalries between the groups and the personal animosities among the activists needs to stop. Please.

  16. Jim Carver says:

    Hi Shannon
    Did not open my mail the other day until too late for contact ref vote . I also just tried to forward the Crist e-mail
    but I struggle with the computer. Maybe I will get with it some day.
    CV Super Senoirs held our 2nd meeting and we had some new attendees. The meeting went well Elizabeth
    spoke to us and was well received. Mark from Boca Ratan came also and is going to attempt to organize
    Our next meeting will be held May 6th at 10:00am. Will see you at the picnic and your next meeting april 29.
    Jim Carver


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