Successful 1st Meeting of CV 912 Super Seniors

This April 15 was a remarkable day for some Century Village Super Seniors. Our first group meeting attracted 25 attendees.  The comments and questions from the group were informed, concise and concerned about healthcare, amnesty legislation, government spending, and the deficit. 

Jason Shields from the South Florida 912 Group spoke to the Super Seniors about the 9-12 concept and the principles and values.  He reviewed the formation of the group and some of their activities with interesting details of local issues.  Jason answered many questions from the group and impressed everyone with his own determination and that of the South Florida 912 Group.

The CV912 Super Seniors will meet again Thursday, April 22.  We will be at the Century Village Clubhouse in Classroom A.  Those who attended today were enthusiastic about inviting others to attend so we are hoping this group will grow quickly into a forum for inquiry, information sharing  and plans of action.

The email address to contact the group is:   CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com


5 Responses to “Successful 1st Meeting of CV 912 Super Seniors”
  1. Margaret says:

    Barbara just want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and with the turnout we had it paid off.

  2. I posted your next meeting date on the Calender! You guys are all awesome!

    • Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

      Mutual Admiration Society here…and rightly so…Shannon, you and Doug and Fred and our guest speaker, Jason, are giving us the framework to go forward and the means to keep our group connected and, hopefully, growing throughout the summer months. Many groups shut down for 7 months here. With the elections coming up in Nov. this forumhas a chance at being strong for those who come back in Sept and Oct. This would not have been enabled without South Florida 912.

  3. Jean Ferguson says:

    There are many many super seniors who do not go to these meetings but most of them do go to the polls to vote. I commend you for your wonderful work I would attend your meeting but I am here in Arizona and all the snow birds who winter here do attend the tea party meetings and sick to death of the way our country is headed and we will see to it that it does not go down that path. Now if we can just recruit some of our youngsters…We just have to remain FREE….GOD BLESS! (heard you on the radio)

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