Tax Day Tea Party – Pictures

These are from Fred, Joy and Delia.
For Boris’ videos, click HERE.


8 Responses to “Tax Day Tea Party – Pictures”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Who’s that weirdo with the mask?

  2. Laurie Laurie says:

    Great pictures! How many do you think turned out?

  3. Paper said almost 1000. Had a lot of fun!

  4. Margaret says:

    A good turn out but we can do better next time. All speakers and performers were great but my Favorites were are future leaders: Ari, John, Alexa, Hannah, and Hunter thank you for your voice keep up the good work we are proud of you.

  5. I am really proud of all of them too! Thanks my friend.

  6. Lois O'Brien says:

    Sorry I was not able to attend. But, great pics and good turnout. Hopefully, I can become more active for future meetings.

  7. chessplayer999 says:

    Below is a link to a video I put together from pics I took at the tea party.


    Thanks for putting on a great event.

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