Tax Day Tea Party Videos

These videos cover the entire program of the Tax Day Tea Party in West Palm Beach and are in order except that the 9-12 members who spoke are shown first. Stick it out to the end to see Joyce Kaufman and Allen West!

Opening pledge

Terry Brady & Ari Waldron

Alexa Armstrong

Tyler Armstrong

Shannon Armstrong

Everett Wilkinson

Hannah Giles

Doug Giles

Dr. Richard Rayborn

John Clark & Pam Wohlschlegel

Billy Bones FREEDOM

Billy Bones other music

Ron Kauffman

Dr Sam Bierstock

Joyce Kaufman

Sid Dinerstein

Everett Wilkinson

Allen West Part 1

Allen West part 2


2 Responses to “Tax Day Tea Party Videos”
  1. Great videos and a great day!

  2. Douglas McCall says:

    Thanks for the videos. I had to see Allen West and Joyce again … it was a great day!

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