West Palm Beach Century Village for CV 912 Super Seniors

I will claim a senior moment here as I failed to remember there are several Century Villages.  Our group is in West Palm Beach’s Century Village with one entrance at Okeechobee Blvd just East of the turnpike.  The second entrance is from Haverhill Rd. and 1/2 mile North of Okeechobee.  This entrance is closer to the clubhouse.

We welcome all attendees, but you must email us with your name to be called into the security office so that you will be admitted.  Also, a visitor must be met at the clubhouse security desk by one of us..and a $3.00 day pass obtained in the lobby office. I do not know if there is any reciprocity among the Century Villages communities.  On Monday I will check that at the office here.

Again, our group’s email is  CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com


One Response to “West Palm Beach Century Village for CV 912 Super Seniors”
  1. Jim Carver says:

    A good web page Barbara, Hope we can get some interest in this project . We had a good meeting
    on April 15th, I hope we get a good turn out at the next meeting which is April,22nd at 10am at the Club

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