April 22 Meeting W Palm Beach CV 912 Super Seniors

Our fledgling group’s second meeting is rapidly approaching.  We meet this Thursday, April 22, at WPB Century Village in the clubhouse.  Just today the classroom was changed from “A” to Classroom “B”.  Since they are ten feet apart the change should be manageable!

Tonight ten members of the original group came together for a planning meeting which was productive as well as congenial.  These ten will form the nucleus of the operations of the meetings over Century Village’s off season.  I, Barbara Samuells, one of the original organizers will run this meeting as I did the first.  Then, for our next meeting on May 6, Jim Carver will take the lead.

The May 6 meeting will be the first of regular monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month in the clubhouse.  As the group grows and the November elections draw nearer, the group may schedule added meetings as the members desire.

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