WPB CV 912 Super Seniors 2nd meeting was today

Our meeting started with recognition of the veterans attending and then proceeded with the Pledge and a  quote from Ronald Reagan.  Topics touched on were from healthcare to immigration reform to the proposed local sales tax increase.

We were glad  to have Elizabeth Andritauskus speak to our group.  She explained that growing up under Stalin and Hitler gave her a perspective fewAmericans  have.  Her concerns with what she sees going on in our government  today have caused her to protest often at  Okeechobee and 441 in an attempt to inform others.  Her story made quite an impact on the listeners and we were awed by Elizabeth’s dedication and persistence.

Jim Carver will lead the next meetings with a group of leaders assisting him.  The next meeting is May 6, 10am in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse,  Classroom “A”.

email us at:  CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com

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