Confusion reigns about the various Marches on Washington

Last year it was easy. Freedomworks and a coalition of conservative groups had a PROTEST March on Washington on September 12th. We marched on the Capitol and it was an amazing experience. We were coalesced around spending and a government out of control.This year – not so easy a choice. There are huge fights going on in the ‘tea party’ universe on who got which permit when, who is funded by whom, who is sponsoring what. But I’ll just try and distinguish between the events as best I can. This is a long post. You will have to decide for yourselves which of the event(s) you plan to attend. Unfortunately – the media will be confused as well and I’m sure the event with the least attendance will be covered as the ‘official’ event. I guess that’s the ‘beauty’ of being a leaderless, non-astroturfed movement.

1) Glenn Beck announced an event on August 28 – entitled Restoring Honor and with the description “Come join Glenn and members of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2010 for the Restoring Honor Rally. This non-political, non-partisan event will recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight ”  It is NOT a protest.  He has said on his shows that attendees should not bring signs.  He has also said that he chose August because he wanted this to be a family event and most kids are in school by the September 12th timeframe.   This forces many 912 Project members to be conflicted – they cannot afford to go to Washington twice, especially only a couple of weeks before the event they hoped to attend as a repeat of the prior year’s March on Washington.

The website for the event is here.

2) Stephani Scruggs, National Co-Chair of The 912 Project, created an organization called United in Action – whose executives seems to be primarily 912 Project members from various parts of the country.  They have planned a convention called the “Unite in Action” Liberty Exposition from September 9-12 with a March on the Washington Monument on September 11th.  Her website is attempting to raise $100000 to pay for the expenses of holding the event.  Her site shows pictures from last year’s event – altho’ as far as I know – “Unite in Action” had no part in that event other than that all of us who marched on Washington made a statement no matter which organization we came from.  Their Advisory Council does list branches of groups from various grass-roots organizations.  Their January 29, 2010 press release, found here would imply that they were the organizers of the 2009 march.  To my knowledge – that doesn’t seem to be true.

Their purpose is to be totally unaffiliated from any party or special interest group and their website is: March On DC.

3) The organizations that pulled off the September 12 March on DC last year are doing it again – on September 12.  The theme is Take America Back!  The intent is to  protest big government and support lower taxes, less government and more freedom. For those of you who attended last year – you should expect it to be similar – except that the March will be going to the Washington Monument instead of the Capitol.  The groups sponsoring it include Freedomworks,  Tea Party Patriots, National Taxpayers Union, The Institute for Liberty and a host of other great free market groups from around the country.  Brendan Steinhauser is the organizer, as he was last year.

The event website is : 912 Taxpayer March on DC  and overview website is found here. 

The event website has an ongoing argument between folks from Unite in Action and the Freedomworks over who has the legitimate event. 

Brendan’s most recent post states


“To clear up the confusion, FreedomWorks will be joining the same coalition of allies from last year, and hopefully many more, to host the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington, 2010.

We will be gathering on Sunday afternoon, the 12th of September, at the Washington Monument. To stay up to date please visit www.freedomworks.org for more details. Thanks! ” 


while Stephani says


“Please do not commit Conservative Cannibalism here or anywhere else. Obviously FreedomWorks does have an event 9/12, or Brendan wouldn’t have posted this. We just happen to have one the day before. For the record, Unite In Action, (UIA), does not view this event or FreedomWorks as competition. It is UIA’s desire that patriots will spend the entire weekend in DC working to restore the republic.

We are all patriots and we are all in this fight together. Infighting in this movement will only ensure that we loose the country; so please everyone KNOCK IT OFF! START FIGHTING



2 Responses to “Confusion reigns about the various Marches on Washington”
  1. Judy says:

    Just a couple of corrections to this post. Stephani Scruggs did not create the Unite In Action organization. The non-profit was created by Patrick Jenkins who is also President of the N912P. UIA was established to promote and support unity among patriotic and constitutional groups, organizations and individuals. It is a legal non-profit created as a tool for any and all people and groups to use to promote the cause of freedom and preserve our Constitution. Patrick Jenkins steped down as President of the UIA after it was fully established and asked Stephani to take the position. She kindly accepted.

    There are people working with the UIA March that were very involved with the organization of last years march. Christine Drawdy being one.

    Unite In Action holds the permits for Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, The Ellipse, The National Mall for 3rd to 7th….no sure why…(the remainder is closed at that time). The permit for these areas runs from 12:01am September 9th through 11:59pm September 12th. They also have the permit to march on Constitution Ave.
    It looks like there will be back to back marches. UIA has an Non-Denominational service planned for the 12th so I assume FreedomWorks will march shortly after or during.

    Who knows, maybe having events lasting for four days will bring more people to Washington. Personally, I would like to see more of the organizations working together on this. We will be making one large final push before the mid-term elections and that is what is important. If we fail at the polls our marches will be for nothing.

    Hey if everyone is serious about what we are doing…..march in both……two BIG marches. Cover up DC! Work together.

    • Iris Iris says:

      “Who knows, maybe having events lasting for four days will bring more people to Washington”

      Many of our FL 912 members, being conservative with their budgets, chose to take buses and trains for the 9/12 march last year – and endured 18 hours enroute each way – marching and returning – sans showers, clothing changes, etc. This enabled people who wouldn’t have even considered going to DC, to attend the March, and increased the substantial contingent from FL. It is not likely that the same kind of numbers will attend anything in DC for four days. And it is why people are in a quandry on which event to go to, if at all. It is likely, given the situation, that people will just stay home. And attendance will be limited to those who live close to Washington and can drive each way, each day. This, I fear, will minimize the impact – not maximize it as poster “Judy” suggests. It is not a matter of seriousness about what we are doing.

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