Whew it has been a busy week!

This last week I had a whirlwind of activity.

     Monday night the leaders had a conference call making plans for our next meeting and reviewing up coming local, state and national issues.

     Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending a meeting at the Lantana library from the Christian Coalition. The meeting topic of the night was to speak about the rights of a pastor / church in regards to politics, and elections. It was a very informative evening with a great video from David Barton and presentation from Dave Donnally.

     Wednesday evening was a presentation at FAU by the Heritage Foundation with the focus on the environment and alternative energy sources. I was very encouraged to see the crowd filled with young people.  I would say the average age was 20 if you took the few of us “old people” out of the mix. I was very impressed with the presentation and found out that the Heritage Foundation has a lot of programs geared toward the youth and I picked up some information to pass on to the Generation Joshua group (youth politics group).

     Thursday – HMmm did I have this night free? Man I can not even remember now. I most likely had to find time to grocery shop or cook dinner or something.

     Saturday – A few of us went to witness the interviews for the Executive Director for the Ethic Commission.  I found it very interesting and was very pleased to know that Alan Johnson was offered the position and he accepted it.

     Later that night…. I had to go to an event for BE THE ONE at my church and then I took my two girls and my MOM because it was girls night to Pollo Tropical for some delicious chicken and then later we saw CLASH OF THE TITANS. BTW very good movie – equal to the original movie as far as the story goes but it was a nice night.

     Sunday, this is family day so I am glad to report I really enjoyed church.  The topic this week was about peoples fear of intimacy and it was not just in the personal one on one kind (….) but the walls that people build after having been hurt by others and how it is important to let that wall down. I personally found the focus a great one and got a lot out of it.

      Sunday in the PM – FUN FUN FUN we went to the Second Amendment Picnic and we had some really great food and fellowship. There were so many people there. I really enjoyed seeing some of the candidates that are running for office and hearing them speak. We had a booth, where we gave out info about our group and answered questions. A number of our group also gave blood. I was soo proud of them. ( needless to say this is one thing I cannot do, bad veins and a weak stomach.)

     Are we done yet?

     Sunday after the picnic Doug with the generous help of Ken Barnett pressured cleaned our drive and sidewalks and porch on our house while I ran out to attend a reception for Jess Santamaria. It was a very nice affair that he held so that he could promote his reelection. I found it a very interesting crowd and made good conversation with a number of people. I do have to say there were a few comments from the crowds that made me cringe however my over all feeling is that we have to be able to find things and issues that we have in common so we can bridge the gaps that have been created in our society. It was really nice to meet some new people and have the audience of that crowd as I was able to mention our group in a very simple statement for about 1 minute at the end of the meal. I had a nice reception and a few people come up afterwards. Ed Fulop, Doreen Baxter, Dennis Lipp, and Michele and Chris Kirk were all there.

     Did I mention that later when it was all done I came home made dinner and then was pretty beat. I did not get a lot of chances to blog or even respond to emails. SO this blog is pretty long and probably boring but it is a wrap up of my Whirlwind week. Only to start it all over again this week. I hope to see many if you at our next meeting this Thursday April 29th at 6:30pm.


4 Responses to “Whew it has been a busy week!”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Yep — you forgot what you did on Thursday! You were at the 1% County sales tax meeting with Iris and some others that morning. Dennis Lipp and I were at the meeting where the language for the Inspector General and Ethics Commission charter was being reviewed, a little later that same morning. Crazy week for sure.

  2. OMG – that is soooo funny I fogot. Glad you guys were there for the IG meetings. Thanks for reminding me it was a blur.

  3. Lois O'Brien says:

    My thanks to YOU for your dedication in this very worthy cause! What a blessing you are to “We the People” that want our voices heard. I will be leaving for Georgia the middle of May, so plan on joining (and being more active) in a group there. Will be back in November.

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