Memorial Day Event! Terrific Turnout… Somber Moments


I had a great day today with my family and 1700 other Americans honoring our fallen heroes. We were regaled with an amazing color guard ceremony. Then Lou Galterio did an amazing job of singing our National Anthem which brought me to tears. The speeches were great, even Congressman Klein attempted some patriotic words… (huh?)

However the rest was very heartfelt. Wellington High School kids did a great job with the music. Also, the Girl Scouts with the help of some South Florida 912 kids handed out water bottles. 🙂

There were a few moments that just tore me up, one was where a man was walking by with a picture of his brother who had died. He told me he had just come from his grave. I went up to him and hugged him and thanked him for his family’s service. He really appreciated it. I saw many families gathering together, huddled around grave stones. I stood with pride while my children, who from early on, were taught by my husband to thank service men and women for their service.


Finally, at the end of all the festivities in this day of remembrance, the wreath was laid down at its final spot next to a young man who was the most recent American brought home to our National Cemetary. He was just 25 years old and he died in Afghanistan in action. The heart shaped out of shells in the sand just undid me.

The 912 turnout was great I was so proud to see so many of us there to honor the fallen heroes. Thanks to all who came to honor them. Thank You to those who gave all…

9/12 March on Washington Bus Trip


Planning to attend the 9/12/2010 March on Washington? Want to travel with like-minded people on a comfortable bus and not worry about driving, flying, hotels, etc.? This is the place!

Please note: This is for the September event. We have another bus scheduled for the 8/28 Restoring Honor trip. For information on that trip please CLICK HERE. If you would like to understand why there are multiple events going on in Washington within a couple of weeks of each other, CLICK HERE.

Trip Details

Price The price per seat is $136.00 this price includes the rental for the charter bus and the following additional charges that we are responsible for: hotel room for the driver, trip permit, parking for the bus and gratuity for the drivers. Pay Pal charges add $4.24 to this, for a total of $140.24 if you pay that way. Pay by check and it is $136.00. In order to reserve the bus, we will need payment by 8/14 at the latest.
Itinerary We will depart from Palm Beach Gardens on 09/11/10 at 4:00pm sharp and arrive in Washington DC on 09/12/10 at about 8:30am. The trip is about 16 ½ hrs long, that includes stretch breaks, gas stops for the bus and a stop in South Carolina to switch drivers. We will stop about every 3 to 4 hrs for 15 minutes stretch break for the first 6 to 7 hrs, after midnight lights are out. Gas stops will be made as needed.
Parking and Directions We have made arrangements with Christ Fellowship Church (the departing location) to allow parking at their facility for the duration of the trip. Directions: From I-95, exit at Northlake Blvd and head west, continue west on Northlake Blvd for about 1.5 miles and the Church will be on your right hand side (north side of Northlake Blvd).
Return We will depart from Washington DC on 09/12/10 at 8:00pm sharp and follow the same process as above and be back in Palm Beach Gardens on 09/13/10 at around 12:30pm. Being 30 to 45 minutes early for each departing time is highly recommended, as it will ease the boarding process.
Charter Bus This year we will be using Midnight Sun Tours, after meeting with a few charter companies we felt that Midnight Sun Tours best met our criteria. They have been in business for over 40 years and their professionalism and reputation speaks for itself. We have reserved a 57 passenger bus that has the same length as a 61 passenger bus, so hopefully this bus will be a little more comfortable than last year’s bus. This bus is equipped with a restroom but, limited usage is encouraged. The bus has a television and dvd player up front and two televisions at the center of the bus, if you have any additional questions about the bus, please do not contact the charter company. Direct your questions to me at
Hotels No hotel will be needed. We are going up, attend the rally and come back on the same day. The driver will be sleeping during the day while we are at the rally, due to federal regulations he is required to sleep a minimum of 8 hrs, before he can drive again. This trip is being done this way to make it as affordable as possible for those who want to attend the rally and spend as little money as possible.
Rally If you would like more information about the rally please CLICK HERE
Recommendations Bring blankets, sheets and pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible as we will be sleeping on the bus, on the way up and back. Also bring snacks, coolers, water, beverages, needed medication, comfortable clothing and shoes. There is an overhead compartment on the bus for storage and a compartment below for additional storage.
Payment Payment is expected upon reservation and below we have set up a pay pal option to make your payments. Checks or cash are also acceptable – either bring it to the next event or email Roberto for a mailing address.
Cancellation No refunds will be offered, so before you pay for your seat, be 100% sure that you have covered all your bases. However, if you have already purchased your seat and you have a friend that is interested in going, perhaps you can sell them your seat and inform me of the changes at Also the price per seat is based on 57 passengers, if we do not reach that number the trip will be canceled and your money will be refunded.

Order your bus tickets here

Round Trip ticket to 9/12 March on Washington $140.50
(includes PayPal charges)

A Gene Simmons Salute to the Troops

Videos from 5/27 Meeting

LTC Allen West

Joe Budd

Victoria Donnelly

Photos from 5/27 Meeting

Beam from World Trade Center to become a monument, right here in Palm Beach Gardens,0,750853.story

Steel beam number C-89, which was on the south tower between the 12th and 15th floors, is expected to be in place by this year’s ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.  The brick-red beam, bent from the searing heat of the explosion and weighing 10 tons, will be placed at Fire Station 3 at 5161 Northlake Boulevard just west of Military Trail,  reaching toward the sky. The design calls for lights, brick walkways, landscaping and 8-foot-tall glass panels etched with the names of the nearly 3,000 victims in half-inch letters. A police or firefighter symbol will be placed next to the names of all firefighters and police officers killed.

For more information, click here

Joe Budd on Obama Administration

Lt. Col. Allen West echoes a theme of Action!

It’s been awhile since South Florida 912 had a meeting in the north end of the county.  If attendance is any indicator, we ought to do so more often.  About 200 concerned citizens attended and there were a lot of new faces.  Welcome!

Jason Shields was master of ceremonies.  Frank Donnino led us in the Invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Victoria Donnally, daughter of Tami Donnally (who is running for FL House District 85) sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Shannon Armstrong, group co-founder, had planned a standard talk for the meeting.  However she’d had a very difficult week with the loss of several people important to her.  Through her heartfelt story, she stressed the importance of making a difference.  We need to touch others; we need to be able to look people in the eye and tell them what is going on.  We need to act!

Several other leaders made brief presentations – not necessarily in order:  Doug Armstrong (co-founder) introduced the Faith, Hope and Charity Class – with a motivating infomercial produced by Frank Donnino.  Doug, David DiCrescenzo and Tony Donnino gave a quick summaries of their segments of the class – Faith (David), Hope (Doug) and Charity (Tony).  Iris Scheibl gave a quick status of the 1% Fire/Rescue Sales Tax proposal and referred people to NONEWSALESTAX.ORG.  Ed Fulop recapped his participation in the Coffee or Tea debate at Nova Southeastern University.  Fred Scheibl spoke about South Florida 912’s role in the Lynch campaign and encouraged us to transition from our 2009 techniques of protesting and standing on corners to 2010 – when the elections are what matters.  He echoed Shannon’s theme of our need to actand get involved in campaigns.  Roberto Tinoco, who did a great job with organizing the bus to the 912 March on DC in 2009, has put together plans for the two trips to DC in 2010.  He pointed attendees to both the Restoring Honor post and flyer he put together for the 8/28 Glenn Beck event – which is the first of the two trips. 

After a break – where a lot of people got to meet with candidates for office and to check out the South Florida 912 merchandise, the meeting resumed.  Ed Fulop introduced Lt. Col. Allen West – our keynote speaker and candidate for Congressional District 22.  While many in the audience had heard Allen before, all of us needed to hear him reiterate his cautionary message on our need to be Lions and act!   He tailored his talk to this week’s events and encouraged us to participate in the 5 months remaining before the election.  He made us proud to be Americans and with our actions, the future can be bright! 

Candidates for office were allowed a couple of minutes each.  Joe Budd (CD 19), Mike Lameyer (FL S 27), Sharon Merchant (FL S 27), Nancy Cardone (FL H 83), Suzanne Squire spoke for Francisco Rodriguez (FL H 83), and a surrogate also spoke for Pat Rooney (FL H 83).  Candidates are always welcome and we encourage them to come to our meetings, just as they encouraged us to be active in their campaigns.   The meeting closed after a raffle drawing and 50/50 drawing.  Thanks to everyone who worked to make this meeting a success!

Senate Districts 25 & 27 Town Hall Debate – 6/24

Sponsored by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches and South Florida 912

District 27   District 25
Lizbeth Benaquisto Mike Lameyer Sharon Merchant   Ellyn Bogdanoff Carl Domino

On Thursday, June 24 at 6:30pm, the Republican Florida Senate candidates for districts 25 and 27 will share the stage for a “Town Hall” style debate, at the First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach. Co-sponsored by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches and South Florida 912, a non-partisan grassroots organization. The event will feature the candidates answering questions on current issues at the state level, chosen to give them an opportunity to contrast their positions with those of their opponents.

Thursday June 24, 6:30PM
First Baptist Church
1101 South Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

The church is conveniently located in downtown West Palm Beach, just south of Okeechobee Blvd. If you’re not sure how to get there, below are driving directions.

From the North and South
Take I-95 to Okeechobee Blvd. Okeechobee Blvd east to Flagler Drive. Turn right on Flagler Drive, church is about 1/4 mile down on the right.

From the West
Take Okeechobee Blvd east to Flagler Drive. Turn right on Flagler Drive, church is about 1/4 mile down on the right.

Event Tracking

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Milquetoast McCollum vs. The Hillarycare Killer — Let’s Get Ready to RUMMMBBLLLLLLLE!!!!

It sounds like a Don King-like title for another “thrillah from Manilla” or “rumble in the jungle”, but it’s only Florida’s Gubernatorial race — the Republican side of it, anyways.  The link is for a great article from that will give you some of the particulars on both candidates, their history, and their futures.

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