Thursday, May 6; WPB CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting

At 10 am, this Thursday, in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse, the CV 912 Super Seniors will meet in Classroom “C”.  This is a location change as this classroom is on the first floor to your left as you enter the clubhouse.

Each of the members is encouraged to invite someone who has not yet attended.  Our topic for this meeting “Healthcare Changes Signed Into Law” is particularly appropriate as our legislators and the media are now actually reading the law. The buried mandates within the law are now beginning to surface. Bring your comments, questions, articles and information to share.

The following meeting is scheduled for June 3rd, in the Clubhouse Classroom “C”.

The topic for the June 3rd meeting will be:

“High unemployment affects our children & grandchildren.”

These quiet months in Century Village are an important time for building our presence as a forum for principled Patriots.

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