All Patriots Maligned by NY Mayor Bloomberg

Katie Couric’s questions to Mayor Bloomberg about possible suspects for the NYC Times Square terrorism attack elicited an answer by the Mayor that the attack may have come from a  “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.  It could be anything.”

How dare he???

The mayor of New York is implying that because citizens in Tea Party and 912 Groups who  oppose the new healthcare law go out to exercise the Constitutionally protected right to voice their opinions, they would necessarily use violence. Why should I or anyone of  my fellow  patriots in the South Florida 912 group, the CV912 Super Seniors and the Conservative Society for Action, ever be suspected of turning to violence?  Why is Mayor Bloomberg using a broad and damning brush to smear all the patriots across this country who are speaking their opinions?

Where are the instances of violence? Where are the molotov cocktails of the 1960’s protestors like Alinsky?  Where are the rocks being thrown at police? Where is the destruction of personal property?


Mayor Bloomberg, there are none of these things. We watched them weekly during the protests of the 1960’s so we know what violence looks like. It does not look like the Tea Party protests we have seen for a year all across America, with millions of participants.

Mayor Bloomberg is not a stupid man so he is speaking quite deliberately and doing an amazing disservice to all Americans.

And now Mayor Bloomberg admonishes all that he will tolerate no prejudice toward Pakistani New Yorkers because of this incident of terrorism. Say what???  How about no prejudice toward freedom loving Americans peacefully exercising their rights and duties as citizens to speak out about their government? 


One Response to “All Patriots Maligned by NY Mayor Bloomberg”
  1. Deeply disturbing, if thought-provoking, post.

    What ARE these “public servants” who are supposed to represent their American constituents THINKING? If this is what they are willing to reveal in PUBLIC… how much deeper do men like Bloomberg stoop to in THOUGHT, and in their GOVERNANCE?

    Thanks for sharing Barbara.

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