Enough with the tax increases


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Enough with the tax increases

Karl Dickey sides with the taxpayers and cities

Boca Raton, FL – Karl Dickey, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in District 4, pleaded with Palm Beach County Commissioners to stop talk of a 20% sales tax hike and focus on spending reductions. “Palm Beach County has more than enough revenue coming in to pay the expenses of what our county government should be paying for. The problem has been, and continues to be, people and organizations coming up to that podium at commission meetings, asking for money, and getting it. It is clear our county commissioners have yet to fully understand the crisis we are in and they’re perpetuating the crisis by continuing to spend as if it was five years ago. The Commission put itself in this situation by setting our county up with ridiculous multi-year obligations,” Mr. Dickey said today.

The County Commission is seeking to plug a $117 million deficit for the 2011 budget and, to date, is doing a poor job of reaching that goal. The Commission has suggested a 20% sales tax increase to help pay for fire rescue services, however has not suggested it would make a corresponding $188 million reduction in county government spending. Mr. Dickey suggests, often in these types of situations we end up with a tax increase. The Commission has proven itself untrustworthy when it comes to spending and Mr. Dickey suggests the public vote down this measure when and if it comes to a vote in the August primary. In speaking with many local government officials and the general public, Mr. Dickey has come to the conclusion the overwhelming majority agree with him, and there should not be an increase in the county sales tax.

Mr. Dickey added, “It is being marketed by the Commission as just a penny tax hike, but it is far more than a mere penny. If it were a penny from each Palm Beach County resident, then we’d all put in our penny, but it’s not. Palm Beachers should write their County Commissioner and strongly suggest they remove it from the August primary ballot.”

The towns of Tequesta and Palm Beach Shores are the first municipalities to come out against the new tax.

Mr. Dickey suggests Palm Beach County taxpayers and voters go to www.nonewsalestax.org to find out more about this unjust tax increase.

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