Nova Southeastern University Panel Discussion at Steele Auditorium


5 Responses to “Nova Southeastern University Panel Discussion at Steele Auditorium”
  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    Thank you to everybody who drove down for the event. I hope I represented our cause well. Here’s a link to the news story that the Sun-Sentinel did as a follow up.


    • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

      Great job Ed. Wish I could say the same for the moderator – Antonio Fins seemed unprepared, arbitrary, even capricious at times. Much of the time was wasted on questioners making off-topic speeches and you folks got too little air time. If the first part of the event had been prepared questions by the moderator it would have been much better.
      That said, it was a good thing to do – we rarely get to hear directly from the OFA and the left. I spoke with Joy Oglesby (the organizer of the event from the SS) and thanked her for holding the event. She was happy to hear there were SS readers from north part of PBC that will go to lengths to read something other than the Post.

  2. Iris Iris says:

    Thanks for enduring the event, Ed. Great job but it had to be difficult given the lack of structure. There were actually a lot more teaparty folks there than I expected – based on audience outcries. I too would have liked a more structured debate on real topics instead of staying focused on the imagined/perceived anger and violence of the tea partiers vs the calm, mellow book club neophyte coffee party. It sure didn’t seem like the coffee party actually stood for anything. Not sure the audience actually learned anything specific about either ‘movement’, but they did learn that Antonio thinks redistricting will solve all of our problems and that the professor enjoyed lecturing.

    • EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

      One of the things I specifically asked him when he was putting this together, and said that the audience would be permitted to ask questions, was what plan did he have in place to stop folks — from both sides of the argument — from getting to the microphone and pontificating for 3 to 5 minutes without really asking a question. He assured me that he would be cutting them off quickly — as in killing power to their microphone — and had plenty of security and off-duty policy officers on hand to handle anyone whose unruliness got out of control. I saw the cops start to move in on the guy wearing the “End the Fed” T-shirt at about the 4-minute mark of his statement, and he backed down, but almost everyone else was permitted to preach for 1 or 2 minutes before they got around to asking their question. Mr. Fins would interrupt them, and ask them to get to their question, and they would just pick up their rant where they left off, and another 30 seconds of soapbox! For their (Sun-Sentinel’s) first one, it wasn’t bad — remember our first 9.12 meetings at the V.F.W. house? Ugh! I really got a kick out of all the Coffee Party folks who were OFA members/volunteers, insisting that they were protesting the government — especially ther guy in the Obama t-shirt! They refused to admit that they were protesting US. I guess that would give us too much legitimacy, to be the whole reason for their existence!!! To paraphrase Mayor Bloomberg, 25 cents . . . . they don’t make it to August, let alone November.

  3. Some great discussions and some pontificating by on lookers However over all the event was a good start. Need more people involved though. Great job with the pictures Boris it tells the story 🙂

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