Independents: Food for Thought

This was received from Karen Nunes, St. Lucie 912 Project.

Sent: Wed, May 12, 2010 10:10:52 AM

We are gearing up for out Get Out the Vote project here in St. Lucie County. I am trying to get this “discussion” to as many of the Tea Party, Patiorts and 912 groups as I can. We have received very positive feed back from Independents who realize now that they could make a big difference by setting them selves up to be able to vote in the primaries here in Florida. Would you consider posting this to your meetup discussion board and forwarding to others you know. I really beleive that we can make up a lot of ground by getting our Independent members to get involved in the primary process.

Thank you, Karon Nunes, St Lucie Co Glenn Beck 9-12 Group


I have often wondered why anyone would like to be registered as an Independent in a State where registered Independents cannot cast a vote in a primary. I don’t quite understand the logic of sitting out what is, in my opinion, a very important part of the electoral process, thereby ALLOWING the Republicans and Democrats to dictate what the Independents choices will be in the general election. Leaving the Independent having to settle for the “leftovers”. Having no input as to my choices is not my idea of how I would want to remember my vote. My parents are Independents as are many of my friends, feel good about being the center of attention right before the general election .. BUT I cannot count the times I’ve heard them complaining about the choices they were left with when it came time to cast that November ballot.

Here is what I told them and I tell all my Independent friends:

“ Pick a party for the primary so you CAN vote. I’m sure by the close of registration you will have an opinion whether it be favorable to one or totally against another. Register in the party you think your vote will have the most chance of giving you the choices you want. Remember a vote against is as valuable as a vote for. VOTE! You can change your affiliation back to Independent for the general election and you will still be true to your political beliefs and still be recognized as the Independent vote that sways so many elections EXCEPT you will have really made a difference by participating throughout the whole process and you will not be reduced to choosing between “leftovers”.

Start a campaign to get your State Government to give the right for Independents to vote in the primaries. Then all of us can register as Independents thereby reducing the power of the Republican and Democratic party politics and we can then concentrate on the candidates, their qualifications and beliefs rather than the RNC, DNC platforms.

Karon Nunes,

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