Flood and Devastation in Tennessee

There was flooding in Tennessee and lost lives and homes however it garnished little to no attention across our country and our community. There are people that lost their homes, cars and their work place. They have nothing and there is very little to no attention. I have been sent pictures from friends in that area and I have heard the stories. It is pretty bad. Saturday I was talking to one of the girls from my company who lives there and she said it was raining again. It has   been very dark and gloomy. I am posting some pictures to go with this post so others may see some of what the people there are going thru. This month our Charity is for the people of the community that was hit so hard. We are collecting at our next meeting stuffed animals for the children and gift cards to Home Depot and Lowe’s. Any denomination would be appreciated. It will disseminated by some friends and a local church there. The 912 will take of shipping we just need people to come forward and donate. This is a good cause for some good people, who are hurting and need help. Please tell your friends and if they cannot come to our meeting this month maybe they can give the gift cards to you.
If you want to donate and can not come to the meeting please contact me 561-506-5258 and we can make other arrangements.
Thanks you in advance I know the 912 can make a difference on all levels.

Donations are going to:
Christ Church Nashville

Contact Linda Hilliard



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  1. This is a worthy cause to help our Fellow Americans.

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