Please tell the PBC Commissioners and the Media

We will NOT put up with any Public Servant (elected official) taking advantage of anyone during OUR County meetings.
It was a tremendous Slap in the Face – the Height of Disrespect especially on one of our elders.
Watch the 5.18.10 meeting on Ch 20 Part about the Army Core Of Engineers/Herbert Hoover Dike
(This item went from Consent Agenda 3A3 to the Regular Agenda 5A2 in the Add, del and sub to Agenda)
BCC Channel 20
Note how they ‘Dissed’ Rosa, a gal (forgive me Rosa if this email finds you) that must be at least 80 years old!
She must have gotten confused (I think her card was numbered wrong) and was NOT allowed to speak!
(Geri Weits was denied earlier for the same reason – wrong number)
1. Rosa has been to these meetings longer than some of us have been alive.
2. The community should have been allowed to hear her (She knows a lot about the Dike and water in Lake Okeechobee)
(A great question to ask yourself might be, “Why are they afraid to let her speak – what does she know?”)
3. They acted as if she was irrelevant (All of us seem irrelevant as they usually ignore our concerns and do whatever they want it seems).
Tell them how you feel about this unacceptable behavior towards our citizens and especially our elders!
Contact the Commissioners and Media by clicking on the Links below:

County Commissioners
Contact Media
Please Consider Knowing is Not Enough We Must Act on what We Know
Act Now and send this info to everyone you know in PBC Please, Thanks!


2 Responses to “Please tell the PBC Commissioners and the Media”
  1. Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

    Not really sure I see what you are upset about. Yes, Rosa didn’t get to speak when time ran out on the item, but 10 minutes later she was speaking about the conflict waivers and her comments were respectfully discussed with commission and staff (look at the recording starting around 2:40). How exactly was Rosa “dissed”?

  2. Unfortunately you can pretty much only see the person speaking on Ch 20.

    I was there and the Dike Item went from Consent agenda to regular agenda
    and they changed the Item Number. She (Rosa) got up to speak and they said NO,
    she had written down the wrong number. The time had not run out and yes,
    she did speak on other things as well.

    We needed to hear her speak because the water supply is threatened by
    the pollution dumped in from the North as well as the Dike being compromised.
    Re-watch the video knowing that and how they dissed her.

    Fred, let’s put ourselves in her place at her age. You can’t see how bent she is as she walks.

    If we don’t respect and defend our elderly when we are young who will defend us when we are old?

    The board (mostly) is arrogant and deceptive and you see it PLAINLY when you attend the meetings regularly,
    (We must be responsible to research all the facts about an issue Not show up w/half the facts; we still pay 3 million a year in interest for a landfill we never bought but pulled the Bond for w/out voter approval and June 22 @ 7pm they want to spend 600MILLION on a burn facility. Try finding that meeting advertised and its 3 weeks away)

    Please, everyone, attend these meetings to see what really goes on.

    It’s the Best Reality Show in Town!
    PBC County Meetings
    1st and 3rd Tue @ 9am
    1st Tue @ 2pm Open Mic for the Public (card to speak must be in by 1:55pm)

    Governmental Center
    301 N. Olive Ave., 6th Floor
    West Palm Beach, FL 33402-1989

    Commissioners and Agenda: http://www.pbcgov.com/

    We just signed an agreement for Agenda 21 (MOU 5.18.10).
    Honestly, we can say to hell w/the penny tax if this crap rules our county.
    (MauriceStrong.net UN Earth Charter/Earth Day/Agenda 21 – all on the UN site)

    We are called “Transects” in some of the amended comp plans. Churches can meet in
    Gov’t buildings (along w/4H and others) and show no allowances to build free standing ones?!?
    Like Abacoa these plans will fail and it is ultimately about redistributing wealth
    and controlling everything about us…
    and it’s here now…
    what will we tell our grandchildren we did about it?

    Will we explain by photos in our Creative Memories Albums how we lost our liberty
    by allowing Red Light Camera Photo Tickets to fee, fine and watch us? Seriously, no joke!
    (Just one example of many)

    I know these are strong words but today is the day to poop or get off the pot.

    Please just do whatever it is you do best and do it w/ALL your Heart!

    May I suggest your highest and best use of time is at the local level.
    Regardless of what is made law, it must be implemented at the local level.

    They are spending us into oblivion openly at these meetings and we can do something NOW.
    Stop it here and it is stopped.
    Pay attention to the local elections and go to meetings!
    Agenda: http://www.pbcgov.com/

    (If you are uncomfortable, scared or unsure what to do we will help you in anyway we can.
    It’s quite easy when you get how the game is played)

    Let’s git ‘er done PBC – Together we are unstoppable!

    Blessings on Everyone’s Efforts in Keeping America and PBC Constitutional and Free!


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