Ready to Take Our Country Back?

Are you:

  • Appalled by the way Washington spends our money and borrows from our children?
  • Outraged by the bailouts, the stimulus, the health care bill few wanted?
  • Dismayed by the arrogance and corruption in the current Congress?
  • Wish we had a Congressman that shared OUR values?

Then come out and meet Lt. Colonel Allen West

  • Patriot
  • Leader
  • American

Candidate for Congressional District 22, and featured speaker at the May meeting of the South Florida 912 Project.

Doug Armstrong LTC Allen West and Shannon Armstrong

Doug Armstrong LTC Allen West and Shannon Armstrong

Thursday, May 27, 2010 6:30 PM

Hilton Garden Inn
3505 Kyoto Gardens Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


This meeting’s focus will be to challenge every person attending to bring 2 friends who have never seen Allen West speak. This is a great chance bring people to a 912 meeting and hear Allen West for themselves.

As an incentive, for every one who brings a first time guest will get a raffle ticket for a 912 patriot pack, which includes a Unite or Die Flag, Pocket Constitution, 912 T-shirt, Hat and a few other surprises.

Please come early to make sure you get a seat.


( may be adjusted as needed)

  • Opening remarks
  • Pledge
  • National Anthem
  • Welcome
  • Old News
  • South Florida 912
  • County Tax increase
  • Follow up on Nova university Coffee or Tea Event
  • National 912 events – Aug 28th, Sept 12th – bus and travel info
  • Faith Hope and Charity class
  • 5 min break
  • Intro LTC Allen West
  • Allen West
  • Announcements:
  • Candidates 2 min each
  • Closing

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6 Responses to “Ready to Take Our Country Back?”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I’d like to issue another challenge to everyone who comes for this event. Colonel West will have a table set up with brochures and bumper stickers, and the usual fare for campaigns. They will also be set up to accept your personal donations to his campaign. While we can’t donate to campaigns as a group (501c3) how about everyone dropping a check for $9.12 into the collection basket? Or maybe even $91.20! I won’t slide the decimal any further, but you get the idea. Let’s support this worthy candidate!

  2. lynn-a lynn-a says:

    Great idea above on donations!! Hoping to attend along with a friend. Col. Allen West is change I can believe in.

  3. Looking forward to seeing so many people there! Come early 🙂 TO get a seat.

  4. James Jacobs says:

    I am coming to this meet up and will bring two others may 27

  5. David Z. Eunice David Z. Eunice says:


    Before I left for the a 9-12 vetting meeting this evening I forward an emails about your candidacy to a lot of my Palm Beach County friends. Then your name came up at the meeting as someone we all want to see elected.

    I’m not able to come down for tomorrows meeting, but I will be there in spirit because you are making an impact, such that we are talking about you all the way up here in Volusia County.

    I am scheduled to come to a Leadership program on Ethics in Palm Beach County in the morning on June 23, if you have anything going on around that time, please let me know. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

    David Z. Eunice

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