Mike Lameyer Addresses the Issues in Local Town Hall

At West Pines Baptist Church Town Hall last night in Greenacres, Mike Lameyer, candidate for Florida Senate District 27, answered questions on a variety of issues of interest to Floridians.

Attendees were met at the door by 912 leader Ken Barnett in his colonial garb with musket, and 9-12 founder Doug Armstrong acted as Master of Ceremonies. CD19 candidate Joe Budd made a few remarks in support of his friend Mike, and Austin Parris spoke for Tami Donnally who was traveling at the time of the meeting but sent her support.

Education, taxes, illegal immigration, and offshore drilling are important topics for Mike and the audience shared his interest.

It was announced today that 3000 students state-wide have failed their second try at the FCAT, and Mike used this fact to discuss the problems in Florida education and some solutions he would propose. The FCAT itself he feels is flawed and should be abolished in favor of something akin to the California achievement tests. This could prove controversial in the race as many Republicans feel that the FCAT provides an objective measure of student and school performance Рblaming the test is ignoring any deficiencies in the learning process. He did say that the major issue we have is the under performance on reading skills, particularly in the early grades, and he would like to see more emphasis in this area as it is key to learning all subjects.

Taxes are too high across the board in Mike’s view, local, state and federal. He attributes the high corporate tax rates in the US as a major contributor of sending jobs offshore, and believes that the state of Florida should do more to attract businesses. Unlike the Scripps affair, he would make tax incentives contingent on quantifiable job growth by the recipients.

Many in the audience had questions about immigration, and Mike indicated his support for the Arizona legislation that has been soundly criticized from the left, including our President and Felipe Calderone of Mexico. Mike believes that the spectacle of the Democrats in Congress giving Calderone a standing ovation when he said the Arizona law “makes racial profiling a basis for law enforcement”, was a major outrage. He thinks it would be perfectly acceptable for Arizona to counter the threatened Los Angeles boycott by shutting off the 25% of electrical power they provide to that city. A similar law would be appropriate in Florida.

On offshore drilling, Mike spoke of some of the technical aspects – specifically that the acoustic shutoff valves required in the North Sea exploration areas should be but are not required in the Gulf. He also brought up the little known fact that much of the oil in the near-shore areas of the Florida peninsula can be tapped from safer shore-based drilling. The BP disaster is an accident – there are risks associated with energy production and this should not be used as an excuse to shut down domestic oil exploration.

As the meeting was winding down, Mike mentioned that he plans to do these town halls frequently all across the district which stretches from Palm Beach County all the way to Fort Myers on the west coast. Confident in his positions and fed up with the status quo at all levels of government, Mike is off to a good start in his primary race against Sharon Merchant and Lizbeth Benacquisto.

Below are a few pictures from the event. For a video of Mike CLICK HERE

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