Restoring Honor – DC Bus Trip


Planning to attend the Glenn Beck event in DC on 8/28? Want to travel with like-minded people on a comfortable bus and not worry about driving, flying, hotels, etc.? This is the place!   Update:  Joyce Kaufman will be joining us on the bus!

Please note: This is for the August (non-protest) event. We have another bus scheduled for the 9/12 event. We have already placed the deposit on the bus for both events. (bigger bus and more space this time!!) If you would like to understand why there are multiple events going on in Washington within a couple of weeks of each other, CLICK HERE. More info will be available soon about the 9/12 bus trip.

Trip Details

Price The price per seat is $136.00 this price includes the rental for the charter bus and the following additional charges that we are responsible for: hotel room for the driver, trip permit, parking for the bus and gratuity for the drivers. Pay Pal charges add $4.24 to this, for a total of $140.24 if you pay that way. Pay by check and it is $136.00. In order to reserve the bus, we will need payment by 8/14 at the latest.
Itinerary We will depart from Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens (5343 Northlake Boulevard) on 08/27/10 at 4:00pm sharp and arrive in Washington DC on 08/28/10 at about 8:30am. The trip is about 16 ½ hrs long, that includes stretch breaks, gas stops for the bus and a stop in South Carolina to switch drivers. We will stop about every 3 to 4 hrs for 15 minutes stretch break for the first 6 to 7 hrs, after midnight lights are out. Gas stops will be made as needed.
Parking and Directions We have made arrangements with Christ Fellowship Church (the departing location) to allow parking at their facility for the duration of the trip. Directions: From I-95, exit at Northlake Blvd and head west, continue west on Northlake Blvd for about 1.5 miles and the Church will be on your right hand side (north side of Northlake Blvd).
Return We will depart from Washington DC on 08/28/10 at 8:00pm sharp and follow the same process as above and be back in Palm Beach Gardens on 08/29/10 at around 12:30pm. Arriving 30 to 45 minutes early for each departing time is highly recommended, as it will ease the boarding process.
Charter Bus This year we will be using Midnight Sun Tours, after meeting with a few charter companies we felt that Midnight Sun Tours best met our criteria. They have been in business for over 40 years and their professionalism and reputation speaks for itself. We have reserved a 57 passenger bus that has the same length as a 61 passenger bus, so hopefully this bus will be a little more comfortable than last year’s bus. This bus is equipped with a restroom but, limited usage is encouraged. The bus has a television and dvd player up front and two televisions at the center of the bus, if you have any additional questions about the bus, please do not contact the charter company. Direct your questions to me at robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com
Hotels No hotel will be needed. We are going up, attend the rally and come back on the same day. The driver will be sleeping during the day while we are at the rally, due to federal regulations he is required to sleep a minimum of 8 hrs, before he can drive again. This trip is being done this way to make it as affordable as possible for those who want to attend the rally and spend as little money as possible.
Rally If you would like more information about the rally please CLICK HERE
Recommendations Bring blankets, sheets and pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible as we will be sleeping on the bus, on the way up and back. Also bring snacks, coolers, water, beverages, needed medication, comfortable clothing and shoes. There is an overhead compartment on the bus for storage and a compartment below for additional storage.
Payment Payment is expected upon reservation and below we have set up a pay pal option to make your payments. Checks or cash are also acceptable – either bring it to the next event or email Roberto for a mailing address.
Cancellation No refunds will be offered, so before you pay for your seat, be 100% sure that you have covered all your bases. However, if you have already purchased your seat and you have a friend that is interested in going, perhaps you can sell them your seat and inform me of the changes at robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com. Also the price per seat is based on 57 passengers, if we do not reach that number the trip will be canceled and your money will be refunded.

Order your bus tickets here

NOTE: As of 8/15, WE ARE SOLD OUT. To inquire about a waiting list, please email: robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com THERE WILL NOT BE A THIRD BUS, SORRY.


52 Responses to “Restoring Honor – DC Bus Trip”
  1. saybil says:

    i can not connect with robertos web site?i would like to go on the 8/28 bus.WHO DO I MAKE OUT MY CHECK TO AND WHERE DO I SEND IT.Please advise as i would like to save a seat for myself. BILL HARRISON saybil@comcast.net

  2. Roberto Roberto says:

    Hi Bill Harrison,

    I don’t have a webswite, waht is on the trip details is my e-mail address. Also at the bottom of the trip details there is a paypal tab for you to make your payments.

    • Sharin Potter says:

      My name is Sharin—# 954- 7449958 I do not want to cancel–I WANT TO GO–=-PLEASE contact me if I can–I would LOVE to sit in front—ONLY because I do get car sick, and I could help u if needed. NO–I willl not talk your ears off–only if u wanted me to—Iam self contained, know what to bring-I will pay cash. PLEASE Roberto–LET me on the bus. PLEASE!!!I really need to go!! Let me know, esp., if u decide to get another bus. Bless you all, Iam really awainting your call-not anxious right? Well Iam THANKS AGAIN—it will be a fun trip, fast and furious to boot! THANKS AGAIN, Sincerely, Sharin Potter.

  3. gordon says:

    My neighbor and I will be purchasing tickets by the end of the month.


  4. mar says:

    My husband and I would like to attend but we live in Miami. Can we park at the church….leave our car I mean. We hope to attend this trip with you…if we do not find another bus charter closer to home. Thanks for organizing this trip so well…..

    • South Florida 912 South Florida 912 says:

      Yes – arrangements have been made to park at the Christ Fellowship Church (the departing location) for the duration of the trip. See the updated post (above) for details and directions.

    • Miriam says:

      If I book my trip to Washington, will be possible to right with you to PBG and then return to Miami on 8/29. Thank you.

  5. Jill Tahmooressi says:

    Good question- can we park our car over night(s) at the church?

  6. Bob White says:

    a/o 7/24 still waiting for bus loading info and parking info in WPGardens.

  7. Richard Troutt says:

    I hope there is more interest in south Florida to attend so that a second bus is chartered. Otherwise I may end up driving my expedition as a last resort. It seats six. I can meet at a pre-determined centralized location within 200 miles of Ft. Lauderdale r.troutt@comcast.net

  8. Jackie says:

    Americans for Prosperity Florida will also have a bus trip for the Defending the American Dream Summit on 8/27 and the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin Rally on 8/28!

    Please see http://www.defendingthedream.org or contact info.fl@afphq.org for more info!

    Thanks! Jackie

  9. kshelley Ken Shelley says:

    What is the latest news on the second bus? If Joyce is going along, I imagine we can easily fill a second bus.


  10. jorge says:

    Are there any buses leaving from Fort Lauderdale area? And if not, has a second bus been chartered to leave from west palm? I have two friends plus myself wanting to go

  11. Vicki Yochum says:

    Please help I am looking for a bus leaving West Palm Beach for 4 people going to the Honor rally

  12. The next bus is open and the seats are going fast! – you can pay here on the site above thru pay pal contact robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com with any questions 🙂

  13. We will be having shirts that say “got principles” in navy for everyone to keep this a themed event!

    They will be a real good deal for $10 a person. It will look great to have a group that is easy to recognize if pictures of the event are taken from a distance. It will also provide us safety in numbers we will recognize one another. Obviously not mandatory but would be a good idea, with a great message. See if the media will pick that up ???
    We will have them at the Aug 16th meeting and when the bus is leaving at the bus loading area.

  14. Hi there everyone!

    We are really excited to be going on another bus trip like we did last year.
    You will be getting a few reminders and suggestion emails in the next few weeks, however please contact Roberto or I with any unanswered questions.
    We will send out a list of pointers and ways to make the trip smoother in the next few weeks as we get closer.
    I have been asked by a lot of people.
    Yes we will have the “got principles” shirt available that has gotten special attention from Glenn Beck at the restoring Honor Rally and the Heritage foundation.
    However you do not have to purchase a shirt, is just available for easy identification and a great message in mass.
    The shirts are navy blue.
    Please let me know if you want one so I can be sure to have one for everyone who wants one.
    The main idea is that in navy we can find each other in a crowd and stick together.
    Plus it is a great shirt 🙂
    The shirts are $10. If you want a 912 wrist band they are $2
    We have med, large x large and xx large
    Looking forward to a historic event.

    We are also encouraging everyone who is not a member to become a member and share any ideas for the trip with others, in our blog section.

    Roberto Tinoco robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com
    Shannon Armstrong
    South Florida 9.12 Organizer


    The South Florida 9.12


  15. BARRY STAATS says:

    have my ticket for 8/28 thank you Shannon BARRY

  16. mar says:

    My husband and I are on the second bus!!!!! Thank you Roberto! We are looking forward to this event.

  17. Linda says:

    Do you have room for three more seats?

  18. katia says:

    Question–if the rally is over at 1PM why is the bus leaving at 8PM?

  19. As of now at 10pm 8/5 there are 4 seats left – reason we stay till 8 is the bus driver by law has to sleep for 8 hours, and so people can have lunch and dinner and sight see. We have 100 tickets to tour the Capitol. Details will be emailed out soon.

  20. Shelly Moore says:

    I wanted to know if anyone wanted to share a ride to Christ Fellowship Church from Plantation on the 27th.

  21. Wally Glowacki says:

    Am flying up to DC Thursday 8/26 so I can attend the FreedomWorks Take America Back convention at DAR Constitution Hall on Friday evening. I have two extra VIP tickets for the convention and the semi-private meeting with Dick Armey and some of the candidates FreedomWorks is supporting. Should be great! The VIP tickets are sold out and it seems the general admission tickets are too. I will sell these two tickets (second row center) for what I paid ($75 + tax + shipping = $90). Tickets are supposed to include a barbecue dinner.

    • Cheryl says:

      please let me know how I can pay you I will but the tickets if you still have them I am trying to find things to do with my son and this sounds great

  22. Alicia de Armas says:

    We have sent our check for 4 seats to Roberto. Today he has advised that he has only 2 seats left on the second bus!! Any bus leaving from Miami? Fort Lauderdale? I suggested to Roberto maybe it’s time for a third bus.
    A. de Arma

    • The bad news is the full payment for the bus is due on Friday. There is no way to fill another bus. I really appreciate all the hard work that Roberto has put in putting this all together really A LOT if work. We have been advertising this trip for a couple months now. I am really glad that we have two buses going and if I hear of any others I will pass it on. My idea is maybe people could car pool? Could lead to a fun adventure 🙂 Thanks Again Roberto for all your hard work.

    • mar says:

      Hi Alicia
      I am from the South Florida area too but quickly found this group in Palm Beach and we are going with them. There are some other groups in our area and maybe you can contact them and see if they have organized a bus for the trip to DC…..check out this site http://www.teapartypatriots.org/State/Florida. I hope you find a way to get there….my husband and I would have driven up….we were that determined to be there.

  23. Florida Gator Florida Gator says:

    Make sure you read at Glenn Becks’ 828 web site http://www.glennbeck.com/828/
    What you should not bring and what you can bring: You can bring small umbrellas, bottled water (plastic bottles only please), bag lunches, snacks, lawn chairs, cameras, blankets, small coolers, backpacks, and flags. Also, we advise that you bring hats and sunscreen.
    Please go to the web page and also to the Capital web page: http://www.visitthecapitol.gov/

  24. BARRY STAATS says:

    paid for 8/28 ticket how do i receive it?

  25. Tom Olson says:

    If anyone is still looking for seats on a bus to the 2/28 Restoring Honor Rally. Superior Charter Bus in West Palm has a bus going. I found them by going to glennbeck.com/828/ Looking for a bus? Also if they have enough people from Broward that want to go there could be a bus leaving from there. I hope this has been helpful.

    • Roberto Roberto says:

      The person to cantact at Superior Charter is Mike Arbritton his phone number is 561-758-7377 ext 4.
      I was told by him that the price per seat is $140.00 and is a 50 passenger bus.

  26. Wayne Crawley says:

    when we get to DC will be dropped of near the Lincoln memorial or will we have to travel to the licoln memoral from union station or the football staduim via metro rail the subway. the reason I ask is I am planing to see my father after the ralley. he lives in Washington DC

    • Hi Wayne – we have plans to be dropped as close as possible however we are at the mercy of the crowds and the DC police. So we will try to get as close as we can but no guarantees my best guess is that we will be walking A LOT!

  27. Shelly Moore says:

    I’m unable to attend the rally but have a seat on Bus #1. If anyone is interested in taking my place, please email me at shellymoore959@comcast.net. I’m really sorry I’m going to miss this historic event!

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