Lt. Col. Allen West echoes a theme of Action!

It’s been awhile since South Florida 912 had a meeting in the north end of the county.  If attendance is any indicator, we ought to do so more often.  About 200 concerned citizens attended and there were a lot of new faces.  Welcome!

Jason Shields was master of ceremonies.  Frank Donnino led us in the Invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Victoria Donnally, daughter of Tami Donnally (who is running for FL House District 85) sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Shannon Armstrong, group co-founder, had planned a standard talk for the meeting.  However she’d had a very difficult week with the loss of several people important to her.  Through her heartfelt story, she stressed the importance of making a difference.  We need to touch others; we need to be able to look people in the eye and tell them what is going on.  We need to act!

Several other leaders made brief presentations – not necessarily in order:  Doug Armstrong (co-founder) introduced the Faith, Hope and Charity Class – with a motivating infomercial produced by Frank Donnino.  Doug, David DiCrescenzo and Tony Donnino gave a quick summaries of their segments of the class – Faith (David), Hope (Doug) and Charity (Tony).  Iris Scheibl gave a quick status of the 1% Fire/Rescue Sales Tax proposal and referred people to NONEWSALESTAX.ORG.  Ed Fulop recapped his participation in the Coffee or Tea debate at Nova Southeastern University.  Fred Scheibl spoke about South Florida 912’s role in the Lynch campaign and encouraged us to transition from our 2009 techniques of protesting and standing on corners to 2010 – when the elections are what matters.  He echoed Shannon’s theme of our need to actand get involved in campaigns.  Roberto Tinoco, who did a great job with organizing the bus to the 912 March on DC in 2009, has put together plans for the two trips to DC in 2010.  He pointed attendees to both the Restoring Honor post and flyer he put together for the 8/28 Glenn Beck event – which is the first of the two trips. 

After a break – where a lot of people got to meet with candidates for office and to check out the South Florida 912 merchandise, the meeting resumed.  Ed Fulop introduced Lt. Col. Allen West – our keynote speaker and candidate for Congressional District 22.  While many in the audience had heard Allen before, all of us needed to hear him reiterate his cautionary message on our need to be Lions and act!   He tailored his talk to this week’s events and encouraged us to participate in the 5 months remaining before the election.  He made us proud to be Americans and with our actions, the future can be bright! 

Candidates for office were allowed a couple of minutes each.  Joe Budd (CD 19), Mike Lameyer (FL S 27), Sharon Merchant (FL S 27), Nancy Cardone (FL H 83), Suzanne Squire spoke for Francisco Rodriguez (FL H 83), and a surrogate also spoke for Pat Rooney (FL H 83).  Candidates are always welcome and we encourage them to come to our meetings, just as they encouraged us to be active in their campaigns.   The meeting closed after a raffle drawing and 50/50 drawing.  Thanks to everyone who worked to make this meeting a success!


3 Responses to “Lt. Col. Allen West echoes a theme of Action!”
  1. Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney says:

    Great meeting. Thank you to all who helped get this going and to all who showed up. I invited at least 20 people and one showed up and she also brought two people with her. Also, saw one lady who used to work in my building show up. I cannot get enough of Lt. Col. Allen West and wish that I could vote for him but he’s not in my district. I hope to be able to vote for him one day, though. He is a very kind and compassionate human being combined with great discipline and toughness. He can speak eloquently without a teleprompter, without skipping a beat and on any subject that comes up on short notice. He would die for any of us and we should be willing to do the same. Get involved and help him out along with other candidates that stand for your principles. Call their respective campagins and ask how you can help get the word out, even if they are not in your district. I will go above and beyond for this man because I hope that he will be President of the United States of America one day.

  2. lynn-a lynn-a says:

    Great meeting and it was once again inspiring to hear Col. West speak. I wrote a little blurb about it on my blog..http://www.lynn-a.blogspot.com/ Also I took a few pics last night so those who requested that I send their photo to them, please contact me at lynn113@comcast.net. Txs.

  3. Dont Drink the Kool Aid Don't Drink the Kool Aid says:

    I’m all for action, however I need to question the Lt. Col. on his stance on reforming income taxes….it’s still a PROGRESSIVE tax if you are taxing those that earn more than $2 million / year.

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