9/12 March on Washington Bus Trip


Planning to attend the 9/12/2010 March on Washington? Want to travel with like-minded people on a comfortable bus and not worry about driving, flying, hotels, etc.? This is the place!

Please note: This is for the September event. We have another bus scheduled for the 8/28 Restoring Honor trip. For information on that trip please CLICK HERE. If you would like to understand why there are multiple events going on in Washington within a couple of weeks of each other, CLICK HERE.

Trip Details

Price The price per seat is $136.00 this price includes the rental for the charter bus and the following additional charges that we are responsible for: hotel room for the driver, trip permit, parking for the bus and gratuity for the drivers. Pay Pal charges add $4.24 to this, for a total of $140.24 if you pay that way. Pay by check and it is $136.00. In order to reserve the bus, we will need payment by 8/14 at the latest.
Itinerary We will depart from Palm Beach Gardens on 09/11/10 at 4:00pm sharp and arrive in Washington DC on 09/12/10 at about 8:30am. The trip is about 16 ½ hrs long, that includes stretch breaks, gas stops for the bus and a stop in South Carolina to switch drivers. We will stop about every 3 to 4 hrs for 15 minutes stretch break for the first 6 to 7 hrs, after midnight lights are out. Gas stops will be made as needed.
Parking and Directions We have made arrangements with Christ Fellowship Church (the departing location) to allow parking at their facility for the duration of the trip. Directions: From I-95, exit at Northlake Blvd and head west, continue west on Northlake Blvd for about 1.5 miles and the Church will be on your right hand side (north side of Northlake Blvd).
Return We will depart from Washington DC on 09/12/10 at 8:00pm sharp and follow the same process as above and be back in Palm Beach Gardens on 09/13/10 at around 12:30pm. Being 30 to 45 minutes early for each departing time is highly recommended, as it will ease the boarding process.
Charter Bus This year we will be using Midnight Sun Tours, after meeting with a few charter companies we felt that Midnight Sun Tours best met our criteria. They have been in business for over 40 years and their professionalism and reputation speaks for itself. We have reserved a 57 passenger bus that has the same length as a 61 passenger bus, so hopefully this bus will be a little more comfortable than last year’s bus. This bus is equipped with a restroom but, limited usage is encouraged. The bus has a television and dvd player up front and two televisions at the center of the bus, if you have any additional questions about the bus, please do not contact the charter company. Direct your questions to me at robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com
Hotels No hotel will be needed. We are going up, attend the rally and come back on the same day. The driver will be sleeping during the day while we are at the rally, due to federal regulations he is required to sleep a minimum of 8 hrs, before he can drive again. This trip is being done this way to make it as affordable as possible for those who want to attend the rally and spend as little money as possible.
Rally If you would like more information about the rally please CLICK HERE
Recommendations Bring blankets, sheets and pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible as we will be sleeping on the bus, on the way up and back. Also bring snacks, coolers, water, beverages, needed medication, comfortable clothing and shoes. There is an overhead compartment on the bus for storage and a compartment below for additional storage.
Payment Payment is expected upon reservation and below we have set up a pay pal option to make your payments. Checks or cash are also acceptable – either bring it to the next event or email Roberto for a mailing address.
Cancellation No refunds will be offered, so before you pay for your seat, be 100% sure that you have covered all your bases. However, if you have already purchased your seat and you have a friend that is interested in going, perhaps you can sell them your seat and inform me of the changes at robertotinoco1971@hotmail.com. Also the price per seat is based on 57 passengers, if we do not reach that number the trip will be canceled and your money will be refunded.

Order your bus tickets here

Round Trip ticket to 9/12 March on Washington $140.50
(includes PayPal charges)


One Response to “9/12 March on Washington Bus Trip”
  1. We still have room available. We understand that your bus has been cancelled. We may be able to work out details to pick you up. Call now 352-325-0031.

    We could go with as few as 40 passengers at $155.00/pp plus 7% service tax – Suggested Pick up near Titusville ($145/pp plus 7% service tax from Gainesville/Ocala/Jacksonville). Price includes transportation to the event.

    Please see website for details

    Call Now – We Need to know by 5pm Friday. 352-325-0031

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