Memorial Day Event! Terrific Turnout… Somber Moments


I had a great day today with my family and 1700 other Americans honoring our fallen heroes. We were regaled with an amazing color guard ceremony. Then Lou Galterio did an amazing job of singing our National Anthem which brought me to tears. The speeches were great, even Congressman Klein attempted some patriotic words… (huh?)

However the rest was very heartfelt. Wellington High School kids did a great job with the music. Also, the Girl Scouts with the help of some South Florida 912 kids handed out water bottles. 🙂

There were a few moments that just tore me up, one was where a man was walking by with a picture of his brother who had died. He told me he had just come from his grave. I went up to him and hugged him and thanked him for his family’s service. He really appreciated it. I saw many families gathering together, huddled around grave stones. I stood with pride while my children, who from early on, were taught by my husband to thank service men and women for their service.


Finally, at the end of all the festivities in this day of remembrance, the wreath was laid down at its final spot next to a young man who was the most recent American brought home to our National Cemetary. He was just 25 years old and he died in Afghanistan in action. The heart shaped out of shells in the sand just undid me.

The 912 turnout was great I was so proud to see so many of us there to honor the fallen heroes. Thanks to all who came to honor them. Thank You to those who gave all…


One Response to “Memorial Day Event! Terrific Turnout… Somber Moments”
  1. James Jacobs says:

    Dear Friends
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    And it is now the rough necks word against BP’s, sorry chap but you will never see another oil field job!

    Demand from your legislators a criminal investigation be brought against BP and Obama, their handling of this disaster.

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