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Joe Budd for Congress, District 19

Sherry A. Lee for the District 2 county commission race

Tami Donnally Florida state House, District 85

Francisco Rodriguez Florida state House, District 83

Pat Rooney Florida state House, District 83

Steven Rosenblum Florida state House, District 89

America Your Fathers Call Out to You!

We’ll explore more in our Faith, Hope and Charity class……………

Fate of our Fathers

Who were these 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence that risked so much that we might be free. What price was paid?  What was their fate?

Sherry Lee Speaks Against Increased Property Assessment


West Palm Beach  June 28, 2010, 5:00 pm

Sherry Lee, Candidate for Palm Beach County Commissioner District 2, spoke at the City of West Palm Beach council meeting on Monday, along with many concerned residents, asking the board to end the fire assessment fee that was started two years ago at $25 per dwelling unit and was now going to be raised to $100. The fee began as a way to fund the building of three new fire stations and, as Lee pointed out, “Less than 1 million dollars has been spent so far on the design and engineering of one of the stations.”  Lee read notes from her public records request to the city, and their responses. Even though commissioners told the public that the fire department budget was one of the cleanest they’d seen, the 2011 budget is up 3.6 million dollars over the current year. Mrs Lee has fought hard for property tax relief over the last 5 years and believes the fee is in response to Florida voters passing Amendment One to lower their property taxes. “They aren’t listening to the people,” Lee Said.

Gabriela Gosline, Campaign Public Relations

cell:  561 718 4600

“Vandals” in North Carolina get it! Atheist message designed to divide backfires!

Read the rest of the story here.

Mike Lameyer & Sherry Lee at July 1 CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting

This week’s July 1 meeting of the West Palm Beach CV 912 Supers Seniors will give attendees a chance to hear from two candidates.  At 10:00 am this Thursday  in the CVclubhouse Jim Carver and the Super Seniors will welcome Mike Lameyer and Sherry Lee to speak about their campaigns. 

Mike Lameyer is running for Florida Senate District 27.  Sherry Lee is campaigning for Palm Beach County Commissioner in District 2.

All Century Village residents are invited to attend this July 1st meeting to hear these candidates and ask any questions they may have.  W Palm Beach Century Village is a gated community, but anyone outside Century Village who wishes to attend can request visiting privileges and a call-in by e-mailing to:

Thursday, July 1, Meeting of W Palm Beach CV 912 Super Seniors

This Thursday at 10:00 am, the W Palm Beach CV 912 Super Seniors will hold their monthly meeting in the Century Village clubhouse.

The group is continuing throughout the summer even though many residents are away for the season.  Those attending are sharing concerns and information about current issues affecting our financial security, our healthcare and the freedoms we leave to our children and grandchildren.  Discussions include local, state and national happenings.

All interested Century Village residents are welcome to attend.  Seniors living out side of Century Village may request to visit a meeting by emailing  CV912SuperSeniors@gmail .com to arrange visitor status for the meeting.

Independence Day

Funny thing – one of my all time favorite movies is Independence Day.  I believe as the day draws nearer to the 4th we need to reflect on where we have been and where we are and where we are headed.  We can look at it with two perspectives.  First if it keeps on the path that we are headed which bodes disaster or the path that we as Active Americans and 912ers endeavor.

Sometimes people might feel that it is ok to continue on, buy groceries, go to work, church, dinner with friends and ….repeat.  It is not!  I had dinner with friends on Friday and one of my friends – God Bless her – but she was shocked when I told her ( BTW SHE IS A LIBERAL) that our country is becoming socialist and that there are communist, fascist, progressives in power and she was SHOCKED.  She did not believe me;  she dismissed me with the comment “like that really worked?”…”Don’t people know history?”  Then it was what do you want for dinner?  Man it still suprises me that people really don’t understand.  No! “people” do not know history and “people” are not paying attention.  One of the girls at the table said well according to Mike Moore capitalism isn’t really working either. ( for a second I prayed that God give me patience. ) the conversation continued and even with all the tools I have in my memory banks it led to a heated and exciting conversation.  It is uncomfortable.  I do not enjoy it all the time, sometimes I just want to have a meal with old friends.  We cannot do that anymore.  We have to be a little uncomfortable.  I thank God for giving me the knowledge and the know how.

There are a lot of candidates from different parties and some that are unaffiliated that are quality, honest candidates. We can educate ourselves on the candidates and back them.  We have to.  Finances are tight, yea well so are mine. Donate $9.12 to each of the candidates you like and then work on their campaign.  That is the ONLY WAY we will win this.  I personally am dedicating every Wednesday night thru the Summer and a number of weekends to those quality candidates that I personally support.  For the record they are from different parties.  I hope to see all of you making calls and getting active.  If you need suggestions, and are not sure where to start, check out our web site and the blogs posted by others and the candidates.  We also can make calls on our website for candidates.  We will have stuff coming up so please stay involved. We are planning a meeting in August and then two in September and October to prepare for the HUGE election.  The candidates will be the focus.  We must not allow ourselves go down with out a fight. Educate yourselves.  Get involved!
We must celebrate OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!

I’m Sherry Lee and I’m One of You


Introducing Sherry Lee, candidate for BCC District 2

Hello, My name is Sherry Lee and I am running for Palm Beach County Commission District 2.

I moved to Palm Beach County from Richmond, Virginia in 1979. I am the mother of an amazing teenager who attends Suncoast Community High School, a small business owner since 1984, a published writer and real estate broker since 1996.

I am running for the county commission because I am a concerned citizen who believes excessive revenue collections and careless spending are ruining our economy. I have seen and experienced first hand the devastating effects of the massive tax increases we have suffered over the past decade. As a private citizen, I have worked tirelessly to build something for my family and my future, only to see it undermined by reckless and unaccountable decisions by a few out of touch and apparently deaf politicians. I have striven to bring government spending under control by studying the budget and making recommendations to the commissioners. Yet the commission wants to raise taxes 13% this year. That’s ten straight years of double digit increases. They just don’t seem to get it.

I guarantee this will lead to more layoffs, more foreclosures, and more of our neighbors leaving Palm Beach County.

Here’s another guarantee. On November 2nd, this stops! If I am elected, I will bring honesty and integrity to the commission. I will bring representation back into the process. I will prioritize the budget, beginning with essential services, and will vote to eliminate wasteful programs and projects, putting people back in charge of their finances and their lives. Together, we can make our government work for us, instead of the other way around. Together we can make Palm Beach County government reflect the character of the hard working families who live here.

You have a choice in district 2. More of the same ? Or ….

I’m Sherry Lee and I’m one of you.

Visit us at

Senate 25 and 27 Candidate Biographies


Lizbeth Benacquisto has been a Florida resident for over 30 years, living in Wellington
for the past 15. She attended the University of Florida and Penn State University, and
she graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in
Organizational Management. Lizbeth and her family currently reside in Wellington. She
is a Realtor and mother of two school-age children and a college-age step-son.
Lizbeth was first elected Wellington Councilwoman in 2002 to represent the Village of
Wellington, and was re-elected through the conclusion of her term in 2010. She served
as vice-mayor for two years. Ms. Benaquisto has served the community as a member of
the American Council of Young Political leaders and was chosen and served as a
delegate to South Africa in 2004. She has served as member of Early Learning Coalition
of Palm Beach County, the Florida League of Cities municipal loan council, and as a
member of the Western Communities Council of Palm Beach County. She is currently a
member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the National League of Cities
Council on Youth Education and Families.

Mike Lameyer served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years, saw difficult
combat in Vietnam, and received an honorable discharge as Sergeant E5. He earned a
bachelors degree, as well as his Commercial Pilot License along with a Flight Instructor
Certification. Mike was employed as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. After a
downturn in the airline industry, Mike became the Director of Corporate Development for
International Science and Technology, which specialized in the development of hard
goods technology products. He also received several world-wide and US patents.
Mike married Karen a Palm Beach County School teacher. They have been married for
twenty-nine years and have four children. Mike, as a certified bowling coach, has
coached adults, children and Special Olympics. He is also a certified firearms instructor,
a published author and on the James Madison Institute’s Palm Beach Board of Advisors.
The Institute is a Florida-based research and educational organization rooted in a belief
in the U.S. Constitution. Mike states that he has the experience “necessary to insure Job
growth in Florida along with protecting our rights from an ever-intrusive Federal

Sharon J. Merchant is a fifth-generation Floridian. Born in West Palm Beach, she
received a B.S. in International Affairs from Florida State University. While attending
FSU she served as legislative assistant to Rep. Marian Lewis from 1987 until 1992,
when she was elected to succeed Marian. Merchant served four consecutive terms as
District 83 Representative. When House Republicans earned a majority in 1996,
Representative Merchant became part of the legislative leadership. She was the Chair of
the Appropriations Committee on Transportation and Economic Development, and later
chaired the Juvenile Justice Committee. Other committees on which she served included
Utility and Telecommunications, Community College and Career Prep, Regulated
Services, and Water & Resource Management.
Domestic Violence continues to be a priority for Merchant. Sharon hosted an annual
conference/seminar for several years, with all proceeds going to domestic violence
shelters. Merchant has homes in both Palm Beach and Lee Counties. She is married to
Dan Turner. They have one son, Max Turner. Sharon is Vice President of Equipment
Rental Service, Inc., a family-owned business.


Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff a native Floridian, graduated from the University of Florida with
a degree in Insurance and Risk Management in 1980. She began her career as a
shareholder in Setnor Byer Bogdanoff, Inc., an independent insurance agency, and also
wrote as a columnist for a national insurance industry magazine. She established EBS
Consulting in 1997, a government and corporate consulting firm. Ellyn received her law
degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2003, graduating magna cum laude. She
is a practicing attorney, certified mediator and arbitrator in Fort Lauderdale
Ellyn was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in a Special Election in 2004.
She was the Majority Whip for the 2006-2008 term and is chair of the House Finance
and Tax Council. Ms. Bogdanoff has received several honors and awards for her
legislative advocacy and her commitment to education and children’s issues including
the “Rising Star” award from the Probate and Real Property Section of the Florida Bar,
legislator of the year by the Florida Association of Realtors in 2006 and the Florida
Dental Association in 2008. She was recognized by the Broward Partnership for the
Homeless and was also honored by Florida’s Children First, Covenant House Florida,
and the Florida Association of School Administrators. She was a foster parent and is
currently serving as a Guardian ad litem. She and her husband, Steven, have their three
children. Ellyn is also competitive tennis player when she finds spare time.

Carl Domino has lived in FL since 1958. He has a BS in Accounting from Florida State
University and a Harvard MBA. He served in the US Navy, in Vietnam and retired as a
Commander in the U.S.Naval Reserve in1989. Carl worked for Delaware Investment
Advisors as a chartered Financial Analyst and Senior Portfolio Manager. In 1987 he
founded Carl Domino Associates, now known as Northern Trust Value Investors and
Carl became the President and Chief Investment Officer. He is President of Carl
Domino, Inc., a wealth management and investment advisory firm, since 1987. He is a
member of several local and national business groups and is a regular commentator for
media outlets on financial markets.
In 2002 Carl was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, and he is currently
serving his fourth term. He was Majority Whip from 2004-2006 and Chair of the Palm
Beach County Delegation from 2005-2006. He serves on the Joint Legislative Auditing
Committee as Alternating Chair, the Committee on Audit & Performance as Vice Chair,
and the Committee on Insurance and the Government Efficiency & Accountability
Council. Mr. Domino is also very active in the community through the American Cancer
Society board of directors, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, Easter Seals
Golf Tournament, the Palm Beach Economic Council, Florida State University Boosters,
Florida State University Foundation, the West Palm Beach Kiwanis Club and the Knights
of Columbus. Carl, his wife, Sharon, and their two children live in Jupiter.

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