Fire/Rescue Sales Tax Status

BREAKING NEWS – The 1 percent sales tax proposal has been pulled from further consideration for the November ballot. Confirmed by county staff, the reason given was problems with the statute that made wording for the ballot measure difficult to craft. Perhaps our patient opposition and public outcry had a positive effect? Thanks to all who participated in saving the taxpayers from a BIG mistake.

See the text of the letter from County Administrator Bob Weisman to Commissioners and staff at nonewsalestax.org

On Tuesday, June 8, the Board of County Commissioners voted 4-3 to continue on to “First Reading” of the ballot initiative for November. In spite of the fact that 33 of 34 speakers were VEHEMENTLY opposed to the measure, Commissioners Marcus, Aaronson, Vana and Santamaria voted to proceed. Commissioner Taylor changed her vote from last time and opposed it. For a blow-by-blow description of the events and who said what, see the featured article at nonewsalestax.org as well as the Post and Sun-Sentinel articles on the subject that are linked from there.

Many members of South Florida 912 came and spoke against the proposal, including Melissa Andrews, Jeanne Barnett, Barry Carson, Tami Donnally, Ed Fulop, Teresa Harrington, Nancy Hogan, Carol Hurst, Michelle Kirk, Mike Lameyer, John Parsons, Fred and Iris Scheibl, Suzanne Squire, and Victoria Thiel.

Sighted in the audience were Early Arlen, Ken Barnett, Doreen Baxter, Claire Jones, Heather Landstrom, Dennis Lipp, Laurie Perry, and Bette Anne Starkey.


Tuesday 6/15/10 – We need to turn out again, in larger numbers (if that is possible 🙂 to once again speak against the proposal. We can expect more speakers on the other side at that meeting as they will try to counter the optics of overwhelming opposition.


4 Responses to “Fire/Rescue Sales Tax Status”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Wasn’t able to make this meeting, but I will try to open my schedule for the 6/15 one. If Vana votes for this, you can be rest assured I’m running for County Commission in 2012.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Iris is right — you know the fire-fighter’s union is going to fill the chamber with uniforms next Tuesday, and all of them will get up to speak. As I said at the meeting, we have to be clear that our “beef” is NOT with the firemen; they are heroes, and anyone who takes a vow to run INTO the burning building that I’m running OUT of to look for more people is worthy of of our respect. Our “beef” is with their union, and with the commissioners, who can’t be trusted to make the hard decisions when it comes to the County’s budget. This so-called “tax-swap” sales pitch is nothing but subterfuge, because you can be assured that when reviewing the rest of the county’s budget, the comissioners will press the easy button, and say that they can’t afford to pull the offsetting millage from the TRIM notices. Weisman has already said that their going to have to raise the millage rate, because the property values in the county keep falling. The fire-fighters are simply trying to “recession-proof” their funding, so they get theirs no matter what. Can any of us go to our bosses and say we want to renegotiate our pay, so that no matter what sales are, we get the same amount — or in the fire-fighters example, 5% more every year? Heck, I haven’t gotten a raise in 3 years, and my salary has dropped twice in the same job, and I know many people have it worse than me.

    Call Santamaria, Marcus, Aaronson, AND Vana THIS WEEK, and tell them to make one of the hard choices on Tuesday, instead of letting the firemen burn through the $3 million that they’ve got allocated to the ad campaign supporting the sales tax increase, and have the ballot initiative go down in flames on November 2nd.

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Ed, I couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re right, our beef is most definitely not with the firefighters, just like our beef is never with teachers themselves, but state budgeting concerns.

    I have a strong sense of both disappointment and fury when I see that lack of adequate decision-making on the CC’s part forces a tougher financial life on MY part at MY expense without MY approval. It’s why I’ve decided to re-tool my vision for 2012 and possibly run for CC, and maybe focus more locally instead of statewide.

    Why won’t the CC get rid of their slush fund? Santamaria is the only one who donates his salary to charity or so I’ve heard, and last I checked he’s breaking a promise by running again for his seat.

  4. Great job to all of you that participated and spoke and went to all the meetings – Great job 912!

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