Action Alert! Please attend PBC FY 2010/2011 Budget Workshop – June 16th

While the 1% Fire/Rescue Sales Surtax was ‘nipped in the bud’ this week – that’s not stopping the county from  proposing an increase in property taxes.  See Palm Beach County Administrator wants 13.4 percent increase in property tax rate. This is unacceptable!

This Wednesday is the first of two remaining FY 2010/2011 Budget Workshops which occur prior to the public hearings and decision on millage rates.  Here is the schedule for the rest of the year and the detailed workshop package for Wednesday’s meeting is available for review prior the the meeting.

The Commissioners and the staff know we’re watching.  Please be there to keep up the pressure!


3 Responses to “Action Alert! Please attend PBC FY 2010/2011 Budget Workshop – June 16th”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Another property tax increase? Are you SERIOUS?

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    This is the double-edged sword again, just like last year. As far as dollars out of your pocket go, their claim is that it will not actually increase. What they want to increase is the millage multiplier that gets formulaicly entered along with the homesteaded value of your home or other property, to calculate your tax burden. If property values go down, logic would tell you that the millage multiplier can stand to go up a couple of decimal points, and you can theoretically come out with the same bottom line number. I know WAY too many folks that got their TRIM notices last year, and their property taxes were still higher, DESPITE their property value actually going down. The bigger fear that we need to have is going forward, say, 3 to 5 years from now, when the economy (God willing) stabilizes and/or starts to grow again — will the Board of County Commissioners be as willing to drop the value of the millage multiplier as property values begin to rise again? History says, more often than not in that scenario, that they won’t; they’ll come up with more programs to spend the windfall on.
    Let’s get loud, gang.

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    From what I understand, the millage rate calculation is an arbitrarily formulated number anyways. So I don’t really care how they form it. Fact is, you DON’T increase taxes in a recession. Period.

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