One Step At a Time

     The summer is here hotter than ever but don’t let the heat or the politics get you down. We need to stay engaged. On  a hot day what a great way to spend the evening catching up on some books that you  might not have read in while.  While I was on vacation these past couple of weeks, I read 1984, listened to Atlas Shrugged. Read my Bible and the Constitution and among all that good stuff  a few romance novels… ( I love the stuff ) ha ha.

     It takes one step at a time. Make sure you are educating your self. This is the best way to arm yourself. Knowledge is the best defense. Keep reading, Glenn Beck has a list of books on his site of recommended reading, however don’t just read those. Look for your own books with good info and share with the group and your friends. Post a blog on the site maybe with a summary and a recommendation so we can all read it too.

     While I was gone on vacation I had to bury a loved one, attend a 40th birthday and go to a 1st birthday. My family and I camped out, and spent quality time with our family and friends. We had a great and memorable vacation. We spent the time Cherishing life and our friends and our family, Celebrating life, our GOD and Love.  One step at time we can can make a difference with our family and friends. Share books, share your knowledge.

     Some days I wake up and say ugh the world is bleak and I seem to be just waiting for the “Red Dawn” moment. I am trying everyday to look for a “God Sighting” reminding myself that God is here in little miracles everyday. With each waking moment each step we put forward during the day. We can make a difference. While I was away the leaders of the South Florida 912 and other members led the way to get the tax increase off the ballot for November. Our group is making a difference one step at a time. Wednesday the 16thof June there is a budget meeting for Palm Beach county, these are the kind of things you must attend. One step at a time we will make a difference, educating, participating and praying. Keep up the good work and have faith. One step at a time.

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