I have been a member of the NRA for many many years. I am also a current member and I am a Certified Firearms Instructor and a Certified Firearms Safety Instructor. The current NRA activities with Pelosie and Reid concerning free speech are unacceptable on any level. I have called my Representatives and expressed my disdain at any thought of what they are attempting. I called the NRA today now I am extremely upset and will abandon my NRA membership. Here’s how the conversation went.
1) First I was connected with membership department and half way through my complaint with NRA involvement with this attempt I was switched to the legislative action department.
2) The person asked what my concern was and I explained my concern clearly and accurately The person then started to read from a script and refused to have a discussion. She said and I quote ” The NRA fights for 2nd amendment rights and isn’t necessarily concerned with first amendment issues and” at that point I stopped her and said if your not going to protect all of our rights then I will send my certifications in and never again be a member of the NRA.
The NRA has stepped way over the line here with there special deal making. The NRA has in the passed done the very same thing to gain a small privilege. This is totally unacceptable.
The Gun Owners of America would never entertain this move. So that’s were my membership will go. You of course are free to choose on your own however I do recommend your joining The Gun Owners of America. www.gunowners.org
Regards, Mike Lameyer
Florida State Senate District 27
May God bless You Your Family and The United States of America!

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