The Obama Zone

There is an excellent article in the Washington Examiner about the fact that the Democrats in Congress are not even pretending that they will pass a budget this year – a total abdication of their duty under the constitution. Read it HERE.

But the best part about the article was this comment posted by “General Mayhem” that very effectively evokes the “Twilight Zone”.

You’re now entering a dimension beyond what hope’n’change has stimulated, not to mention spoiled and squandered.
It is a dimension as unpopular as Obamacare and as untimely as cap’n’trade.
It is a middle finger raised between platitude & lassitude, and between a campaign that never ends and sound bites forever blaming Bush; and it lies between spin to allay Gulf fears and photo-ops with tar balls, all capped off by an Oval Office speech touting wind turbines, solar panels, and “energy-efficient windows.”
This is a dimension of flimsy obfuscation and of Jones Act and EPA waivers long delayed. Beyond it are other dementia— the distraction of hoops and bogeys, a declining dollar and an ever-dizzy Dow, plus dimwitted vicissitudes from McCartney and Calderon.
You’ve moving into a dimension of both denial and delay, of ideas ignored and logical things undone. You have seen the signpost up ahead— it reads, “It took a spillage”— and you’re just crossing over into . . . the Obama Zone


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  1. ha ha that is great! thanks for sharing.

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