Audience Ratings of Senate 25/27 Candidates

The audience at the 912/RCPB town hall debate was asked to rate the responses of the candidates in each of 6 question areas based on the following scale, and leave their score sheet with us at the end of the event.

  • 5 – The candidate is completely aligned with my views on the issue.
  • 4 – The candidate is mostly aligned with me but there are a few areas that I’m worried about
  • 3 – The candidate is mostly aligned with me but there is one MAJOR problem area
  • 2 – The candidate is mostly opposed to my views on the issue
  • 1 – The candidate is completely opposed to my views – it would be awful if he/she was elected

Forty nine people responded (about a quarter of the audience) and this is the result:

As you can see, in district 27, Mike Lameyer and Sharon Merchant were neck and neck with scores in the mid 4 range, while Lizbeth Benacquisto trailed the others with scores in the mid 3 range. In district 25, both candidates tracked each other closely except on immigration where Ellyn Bogdanoff had the advantage over Carl Domino. For this crowd at least, Sunrail is very unpopular and both incumbent candidates did poorly on the transportation question.


One Response to “Audience Ratings of Senate 25/27 Candidates”
  1. Great to see people there and it is really interesting to see the scores. I was glad to be apart of this event.

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