You only can impact the primary if you’re registered with a party!

Many of our members pride themselves on being Independent. That’s fine for the General Election in November. However – in line with trying to make a difference – you have to make sure that you are registered with one of the parties having a primary if you care about a particular candidate or set of candidates. There is less than a month left to change your registration to reflect (R) or (D).  The deadline for registering for the August 24th Primary is July 25, 2010!  Registration changes cannot be made over the telephone.

You can fill out an online form, print it and mail it to the Supervisor of Elections, you can print out a blank form and fill it out and mail it in, or you can do it in person at any of the four Supervisor of Elections locations But please act soon.


5 Responses to “You only can impact the primary if you’re registered with a party!”
  1. Edward Lynch says:

    You are right on, Iris. For grassroots people ( aka educated voters) to sit out and let the general population pick the candidates to run in the general election means that there is a good chance that you may not like the options left available to you. Why would you go to debates and meetings and do your homework on all of the primary candidates only to hope that the candidate that you fully vetted makes it onto the ballot in the general election. We must get involved with our future employees early or we will have no right to complain when they are not held accountable to us.

  2. Iris, Ed and Austin you are all right – change your registration to the Party of your choice and vote in the primary. You can always change it back. Jess Santamaria (D) is running in a primary against Mike Jackson (D) here locally and on the R side we have a number of local runoffs. VOTE! It is the key! Voting in the election is not only must but apart of being an American.

  3. Iris Iris says:

    Don’t forget that there are primary races at all levels from Governor, Senator all the way down. Check out this list!

  4. Elaine Schiff says:

    If you changed your address , your name , or your signature needs updating-make sure all the info is as tyou want it-ask your friends and family to do the same-spread the word-you didnt work this hard to get turned away because of a technicality-

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