I’m Sherry Lee and I’m One of You


Introducing Sherry Lee, candidate for BCC District 2

Hello, My name is Sherry Lee and I am running for Palm Beach County Commission District 2.

I moved to Palm Beach County from Richmond, Virginia in 1979. I am the mother of an amazing teenager who attends Suncoast Community High School, a small business owner since 1984, a published writer and real estate broker since 1996.

I am running for the county commission because I am a concerned citizen who believes excessive revenue collections and careless spending are ruining our economy. I have seen and experienced first hand the devastating effects of the massive tax increases we have suffered over the past decade. As a private citizen, I have worked tirelessly to build something for my family and my future, only to see it undermined by reckless and unaccountable decisions by a few out of touch and apparently deaf politicians. I have striven to bring government spending under control by studying the budget and making recommendations to the commissioners. Yet the commission wants to raise taxes 13% this year. That’s ten straight years of double digit increases. They just don’t seem to get it.

I guarantee this will lead to more layoffs, more foreclosures, and more of our neighbors leaving Palm Beach County.

Here’s another guarantee. On November 2nd, this stops! If I am elected, I will bring honesty and integrity to the commission. I will bring representation back into the process. I will prioritize the budget, beginning with essential services, and will vote to eliminate wasteful programs and projects, putting people back in charge of their finances and their lives. Together, we can make our government work for us, instead of the other way around. Together we can make Palm Beach County government reflect the character of the hard working families who live here.

You have a choice in district 2. More of the same ? Or ….

I’m Sherry Lee and I’m one of you.

Visit us at sherrylee4pbc.com


4 Responses to “I’m Sherry Lee and I’m One of You”
  1. Thanks Sherry for posting – very excited that you are running!

  2. Sherry Lee Sherry Lee says:

    Thank you Shannon and Doug for everything you are doing. You guys are great !

    • Mary Frei says:

      Thanks Sherry for running- What you are doing is a big sacrifice that will help us all out. You are the voice of fiscal common sense.

  3. Eddie Ferguson says:

    Thanks for stepping up. We know you will be the voice of reason. Help us stop the out of control spending.

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