Independence Day

Funny thing – one of my all time favorite movies is Independence Day.  I believe as the day draws nearer to the 4th we need to reflect on where we have been and where we are and where we are headed.  We can look at it with two perspectives.  First if it keeps on the path that we are headed which bodes disaster or the path that we as Active Americans and 912ers endeavor.

Sometimes people might feel that it is ok to continue on, buy groceries, go to work, church, dinner with friends and ….repeat.  It is not!  I had dinner with friends on Friday and one of my friends – God Bless her – but she was shocked when I told her ( BTW SHE IS A LIBERAL) that our country is becoming socialist and that there are communist, fascist, progressives in power and she was SHOCKED.  She did not believe me;  she dismissed me with the comment “like that really worked?”…”Don’t people know history?”  Then it was what do you want for dinner?  Man it still suprises me that people really don’t understand.  No! “people” do not know history and “people” are not paying attention.  One of the girls at the table said well according to Mike Moore capitalism isn’t really working either. ( for a second I prayed that God give me patience. ) the conversation continued and even with all the tools I have in my memory banks it led to a heated and exciting conversation.  It is uncomfortable.  I do not enjoy it all the time, sometimes I just want to have a meal with old friends.  We cannot do that anymore.  We have to be a little uncomfortable.  I thank God for giving me the knowledge and the know how.

There are a lot of candidates from different parties and some that are unaffiliated that are quality, honest candidates. We can educate ourselves on the candidates and back them.  We have to.  Finances are tight, yea well so are mine. Donate $9.12 to each of the candidates you like and then work on their campaign.  That is the ONLY WAY we will win this.  I personally am dedicating every Wednesday night thru the Summer and a number of weekends to those quality candidates that I personally support.  For the record they are from different parties.  I hope to see all of you making calls and getting active.  If you need suggestions, and are not sure where to start, check out our web site and the blogs posted by others and the candidates.  We also can make calls on our website for candidates.  We will have stuff coming up so please stay involved. We are planning a meeting in August and then two in September and October to prepare for the HUGE election.  The candidates will be the focus.  We must not allow ourselves go down with out a fight. Educate yourselves.  Get involved!
We must celebrate OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!


4 Responses to “Independence Day”
  1. Joy says:

    I was so comforted by reading your email concerning your “dinner party”. I had just experienced the same at a luncheon. My friend announced she was a liberal socialist! I was shocked. But knowing there were several there that had already let me know they never wanted to talk “politics”, I said nothing. I kept thinking, “She doesn’t know what that means.”

    I sent her the definitions and asked if that described her. Of course I prefaced it with I knew we had different views and it is good to learn from each other. . . . . I was hoping she would have said no, that’s not me. I meant . . .

    Here is her response –
    “Was great getting together last Friday! I must apologize for, albeit unintentionally, breaking the cardinal rule against talking “politics or religion” ! Sorry! I won’t do it again – (hopefully).”

    I’ve been ill ever since, not only for her but for our friendship. There are other long time friends that I just don’t feel comfortable around. Yes, as you, I’m uncomfortable. It is also painful for I love these friends.

    I do believe we have to hold our Bible in one hand and the history of our country in the other hand. For those of us who do that, we know – these are UNCOMFORTABLE times. We must continue though, one day at a time.

    This morning I received this devotion from our former pastor of First Baptist Church, WPB, Jack Graham, now of Prestonwood in Dallas. It blessed me, so I share it with you. I don’t have to win. God will win. This is His battle. I stand before God requesting a clean heart and clean hands. We must continue to put on the whole armor of God, learn all we can – including the Bible, our USA history and our Constitution. Share with those who have ears to hear. Sadly, dust our feet off when we encounter those aren’t interested.

    Most excitedly, and we can be encouraged, we are seeing Biblical prophecy fulfilled in our own life time.
    Keep on keeping on.

    And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day.

    — Genesis 32:24

    Do you know the kind of person that God blesses? Well, it may surprise you.

    In the Old Testament Scriptures, you and I meet a man named Jacob who struggled with his faith nearly his entire life. More than anything, Jacob wanted to be blessed even if it meant tricking people to obtain the blessing.

    God eventually intervened in Jacob’s struggle and sent an angel of the Lord to confront him. Jacob grabbed hold of the angel (whom we may safely believe to be the pre-incarnate appearing of Christ Jesus) and he literally wrestled with him all night until God conquered him once and for all.

    So let me ask you a question. Are you struggling with your faith? Maybe you’re resisting God and trying to win at life through your own strength.

    Well, take heart! Even the apostle Paul, one of the greatest Christian who ever lived, said, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Romans 7:15). Paul also struggled with his faith.

    But here is what both Paul and Jacob came to understand: You don’t conquer in life by winning; you win by being conquered by God.

    Be the kind of person who God blesses. Let God conquer your heart. Hold nothing back.


    PowerPoint MinistriesP.O. Box 799070 Dallas, TX 75379800-414-7693

  2. Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney says:

    For Shannon, it’s funny that a Liberal will take the Gospel of Mike Moore as good as gold. Here is a man who tells people they can’t make millions in this country, and he makes millions saying those things?????

    For Joy, where you said your friend said the standard is to avoid the ‘cardinal’ rule of not talking politics or religion: THIS IS THE REASON WE ARE WHERE WE ARE TODAY. Thanks to all my relatives for passing that belief down for generations! I am being sarcastic, I am not thankful for that but thankful to God for opening my eyes to help save future generations.

    Liberalism is an adolescent mental disorder.

  3. Thank you both for commenting – the great part of my dinner meeting is my friends new room mate is in line with us so I gained a friend. Thank you Joy for the inspiration, I ( we ) need it all the time. Stay encouraged and active.

  4. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    “Act as if ye have faith, and faith will be given unto thee”

    Simpler terms; “Fake it ’til you make it.”

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