Sherry Lee Speaks Against Increased Property Assessment


West Palm Beach  June 28, 2010, 5:00 pm

Sherry Lee, Candidate for Palm Beach County Commissioner District 2, spoke at the City of West Palm Beach council meeting on Monday, along with many concerned residents, asking the board to end the fire assessment fee that was started two years ago at $25 per dwelling unit and was now going to be raised to $100. The fee began as a way to fund the building of three new fire stations and, as Lee pointed out, “Less than 1 million dollars has been spent so far on the design and engineering of one of the stations.”  Lee read notes from her public records request to the city, and their responses. Even though commissioners told the public that the fire department budget was one of the cleanest they’d seen, the 2011 budget is up 3.6 million dollars over the current year. Mrs Lee has fought hard for property tax relief over the last 5 years and believes the fee is in response to Florida voters passing Amendment One to lower their property taxes. “They aren’t listening to the people,” Lee Said.

Gabriela Gosline, Campaign Public Relations



cell:  561 718 4600

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