912 Helps Open Joe Budd’s New HQ

Joe Budd had a full house this morning for the Grand Opening of his new Coral Springs Campaign Office. Joe is setting out to unseat Ted Deutch, who defeated Ed Lynch in the April special election for CD 19, and he has no primary opponent.

It was an exuberant kickoff, with the pledge of allegiance by 912er Ed Fulop, the National Anthem by Sherry Budd, and a rousing speech by Ari Waldron, Generation Joshua Secretary and daughter of 912ers and Budd volunteers Debye and Mike Waldron. Joe reminded the crowd that unlike Deutch who campaigned to support the Obama Agenda, he will represent the district – not the party.

Other 912ers present included videographer Boris Balaban, Mandy Fulop, Dmitry Levin, Fred and Iris Scheibl, candidates Tami Donnally (FH85), Mike and Karen Lameyer (FS27) and Alison Rampersad (FH90).

Lowell Levine for PBC School Board

Hello, I am Lowell Levine, a candidate for the pbc school board district four.

My campaign pledge is to all the residents of the county to cut all the wasted spending and have no school tax increases. Enough is enough. Only 25% of your tax dollars that go to school taxes is for actual education. The rest -75% is for non education expenses that have to be cut / eliminated and deferred for review.

Please vote for Lowell Levine in school district 4 on august 24th primary day and lets end this nonsense once and for all.

Thurs, August 5; CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting

At 10 am, this Thursday, in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse, the CV 912 Super Seniors will meet in Classroom “C”. One of the group’s organizers, Lindy Markham, will be leading the meeting.CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com to be called into the security office so that you will be admitted. Also, any visitor will then be met at the clubhouse security desk by one of us so that a $3.00 day pass can be obtained in the lobby office.

In following the happenings critically affecting seniors, the changes in healthcare will be a topic of concern. As planning for the implementation of Obamacare is affecting the decisions of doctors, hospitals and other care givers, we are seeing the beginnings of change to our healthcare. Reforms to healthcare which would improve coverage and lower cost while maintaining our quality of care actually could be implemented but are not in the current legislation.. We will discuss some of these possibilities. Bring your information, articles and questions about this and other topics to the meeting.

West Palm Beach Century Village is a gated community. We welcome all attendees, and you can email us at CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com

Marine mom Danita Kilcullen(Tea Party Fort Lauderdale ) is concerned about the leak of classified information on America’s war strategy

Local congressman says war strategy could change because of release of classified documents.

Danita Kilcullen runs the “Tea Party Fort Lauderdale” at US1 and Oakland Park Blvd.

Check it out here.

Meet Sherry Lee

Meet Sherry Lee, Candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 2

The Don Lounge at Don Ramon’s  Thursday July 29 from 5-8pm

300 Clematis Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Cash bar, appetizers will be served

Any size donations accepted, but not required

Small businessmen in Georgia take the movement’s message to the highways


Just to make sure these guys weren’t a scam web-site out of Nigeria, I did some digging around and found this story on Neil Cavuto’s show here.

The sleeping giant is not only awake . . . . he’s getting his boots on.

Mike Lameyer

I got an email tonight that directed me to the Mike Lameyer interview, which was conducted on Saturday.  It’s a 30 minute interview.  Like a lot of people, I was like “ugh, 30 minutes…I don’t want to spend 30 minutes watching a video.”  I watched it anyway, and I am so glad I did.

Through my involvement with SF912, I’ve met and gotten to know Mike a bit on a personal level.  I’ve also been reading his book.  As a result, I’ve decided he’s one of those rare individuals that I don’t think anyone that knows him would say, “I don’t like him.”  Sort of like Sara Lee.  At the end of the day, he’s a very likable guy, not to mention, very accomplished.

I have to admit that before watching the video, I had a pretty good handle on his political views.  But it was refreshing to hear what he had to say to the panel.  There’s no pie in the sky nonsense in what he said.  On every issue that was brought up, Mike stated the obvious, didn’t mince words, and had plain English, common sense answers.  What I liked the best was his promise that no matter the issue, he would look at it based upon its adherence to the US Constitution and the Florida Constitution, and if it didn’t meet constitutional muster, he would do what he had to do to stop it at that point.

He used the new “Health Care Bill” as one example.  This bill attempts to force the citizenry to buy a product/service from an entity, (in this case, the government) which is unconstitutional.  He recognizes that the 10th amendment prohibits this and would lead the charge in the Florida Senate.

I don’t live in Mike’s district, and by the way, it literally stretches coast to coast in Florida, but if I did, he’d have my vote hands down, and I hope he has yours.

I Fought for You

Check your voter status at Florida Division of Elections

I hadn’t seen this link before – but it’s useful.  The cut-off for primary election registration was today – but you may want to check the status of your voter record here.

When you’ve typed in your name and birthdate and code words – it will bring up your record.  From there you can also request an absentee ballot for either the primary or general election cycles.    That same link will show your polling place.   Check it out!

Florida Senate 27 Videos

Florida Senate District 27 stretches across the state and contains portions of Palm Beach, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, and Lee counties. On the west coast, the Naples Daily News recently interviewed each of the candidates in the Republican primary and videotaped the results. Click HERE for the Mike Lameyer video. The Sharon Merchant and Lizbeth Benacquisto videos can also be found as links from that page.

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