912 Fourth of July Gathering

Ed Fulop’s great idea for a 4th of July event combining breakfast and a patriotic service worked out wonderfully.

Over 30 912ers and guests took over 4 tables in the Original Pancake House on Northlake for some camaraderie and an excellent and reasonably priced breakfast. In attendance were quite a few candidates, including Joe Budd (CD19) with his wife Sherry, Mike Lameyer (FS27) and his wife Karen, Francisco Rodriquez (FH83), and the recently announced candidate for County Commission district 2, Sherry Lee. Also joining the fun was PBCGOP chairman Sid Dinerstein.

Following breakfast, the group moved down Northlake to the Christ Fellowship Church complex for an hour of patriotic themed services, highlighted by Pastor Tom Mullins history lesson about the faith of the founding fathers and the “Black Robe Regiment” – the pastor/soldiers of the revolution that led their congregations against the British. Pastor Mullins was on the Glenn Beck TV show this week.  The service also contained a salute to the troops and a multimedia presentation about America as the hope for the world.

The following are some pictures from breakfast taken by Adam Wilhoit.


4 Responses to “912 Fourth of July Gathering”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Thank-you all for coming out to listen to Pastor Mullins’ message for our country’s future. It is always great to share our fellowship, but on our nation’s 234th birthday, it makes it particularly special. While the message was “practically perfect in every way”, I’d like to add something to it.

    We need to do more than recapture the truth, lift up our voices, and stand up, as Pastor Mullins suggested today. I’ve always considered myself a student of history, but my studies aren’t limited to the Founding Fathers. I love the periods around ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Five-thousand years ago, the pharoahs were protected by warriors called the Medjai. and they pledged their lives to the pharoahs safety. When they took the field for battle, in addition to their weapons, they brought with them a length of rope, and a wooden stake. They would pound the stake into the ground with the hilt of their scimitars, then tie one end of the rope to the stake, and the other end to their ankle. There would be no retreat from that piece of earth during the battle; an actual line in the sand. The enemy stops here, this far, no further. We MUST pledge to hold this ground, but not for any pharoahs; for our children. The stake is our truth, and the rope is our faith. This far . . . . no further!

  2. Wow Ed that is powerful! Not much I can say after that but thanks for putting together the amazing event 🙂 I had a really terrific time. I counted and think there was at least 40 and least 2 new people from the restaurant found out we were 912ers and wanted to join. Spread the word talk to EVERYONE! I hope we can get a copy of the message because I am looking forward to watching it again and again and again. It to me was THAT good.

  3. Conservative Utopia Beer Party Patriot says:

    What a great crowd at breakfast – thanks for having us!

    Looking forward to breaking more bread and sharing more ideas in the near future.

    Adam & Pam

    >>>> Adopt a national Conservative Candidate today! <<<<

  4. Ed, Shannon and Doug, thank you for organizing the breakfast and thank you Ed for the history lesson. People forget the basic principles of freedom and that freedom isn’t free. It is something we must stand up and fight for every day. Others want to take our freedom because it gives them power over us. We become slaves. Thank God for the patriotic people of 912 and others who are standing up for this basic right. Without you, we would be divided and alone. We are citizens who are many colors, many parties and many ideas. But we unite in our love of God, family, country and freedom. Thank you.

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