Action Alert – PBC Budget – Write or call the County Commissioners

UPDATE:  The Budget Workshop meeting will allow public comment.  “(Revised Agenda – Public Comments to follow Board discussion with no time certain)”

Monday, July 12th – is the next PBC Board of County Commissioners’ Budget Workshop.  While it will be difficult for most working people to attend the meeting – it’s important that you get your opinions voiced to your commissioners.  The grass-roots group – Palm Beach County Lower Taxes Now has published an informative newsletter.  There’s a place on the web-site to sign up for the newsletter too.

The group provides links to a Sun-Sentinel article on the budget as well as last month’s budget workshop package.  The package  has blue and green pages of proposed cuts.  Please find and skim through those and then I encourage you to write to your commissioners and let them know, as suggested in the newsletter, that they must do both the blue and green cuts as well as more salary cuts before they resort to additional tax increases!

Take a few minutes and write those letters!  Or don’t complain when you look at your next Property Tax bill.

The county budget page with schedules can be found here.   UPDATE:  The new budget workshop package for the 7/12 meeting has also been posted on the same page.


One Response to “Action Alert – PBC Budget – Write or call the County Commissioners”
  1. Green and Blue Pages
    Green and Blue T-Shirts

    Anyone make the connection at the 1st budget meeting?

    Good for you if you did.
    Now you know how much of a game this is to them!

    Pay Attention or Pay from your Pocket

    Here’s a Goodie:
    SWA.org (561.640.4000)

    Avg. Cost:: 250Million
    PBC Cost:: 750 Million

    For a Burn Facility
    Landfill OK till 2024

    (Remember they already pulled the bond for the
    landfill and we are paying 3 million a year in Interest!)

    Attend the following meetings (at SWA) if you can
    7.27.10 (1:30 pm)
    8.10.10 (8:15 am)
    8.31.10 (1:30 pm)

    Your Power if you choose to use it is in
    Calls, Emails, Faxes, and Writing
    In addition to attending cc the Media on everything
    All Media Links can be found on the main page/left side
    at http://www.FollowTheMoneyFindTheTruth.com

    Oh, Big Brother is here too in PBC/Land Use Code changes
    7.27.10 The 1st Reading at 9:15 am Gov’t Center 301 Olive (6th Floor)

    It’s a great education for why Amendment #4 is on the Ballot in Nov.
    Just look at who doesn’t want it.

    Follow the Money – Find the Truth
    St. Pete does NOT have amendment #4 in effect so that’s a moot point.

    It’s a scary topic but I can see why it’s on the ballot.
    If we don’t pay attention things will continue to happen like my friends in Jupiter.
    3 months total, 35 years hard work and aprox 12 million dollars
    Poof – gone in 3 months! None of what they did was allowable in the PBC comp plan.
    Those who know Barbara Susco, ask her about eminent domain and taking our prorerty!

    I’m not saying I am for or against.
    I am doing my homework/research and I get why they want this.

    Here’s a few tidbits for you to research:
    Smart Code http://dpz.com/
    Look up “New Urbanism, Transects,
    “White Paper on Smart Growth in California”
    Agenda 21 – Maurice Strong – Earth Day

    7.22.10 First Reading ULDC (Big Brother) Changes
    9:15 am Gov Ctr 301 Olive 6th Floor

    Re: June 24th Agenda

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