David Barton, Pastor Tom and Glenn Beck

What do these Men have in common?  All three were on the Glenn Beck show last week.  Here is the best part.  I was fortunate enough to get to see two of them this past weekend.

Saturday, with a group of friends and Patriots, we went to Trinity Church International.  There we enjoyed a terrific presentation by David Barton, who really spoke about the hard core truths about our founders and our Country. Later we all gathered at a friends home for a little pot luck dessert night.  The sugar high was fun and the camaraderie and stories even more fun :).  If you ever get a free moment ask Joe Budd to tell the stories about the squirrels :); led for very heartfelt laughter.

The very next morning ( early ), we met with a large group of about 40  912ers at the Original Pancake House.  While we were there, we also recruited 2 new members and met many other new members attending their first meet up. Breakfast was well-timed and delicious.

The next part of my terrific Fourth of July weekend was the church.  We went over and sat as a group at Christ Fellowship, in Palm Beach Gardens, where Pastor Mullins and the group at Christ Fellowship moved us to a rousing sense of Patriotic spirit, and a message to STAND UP!  I took so many notes that it is hard to add them all tonight, but I wanted to share the ultimate message with you. 

The Action plan.

1. We must recapture the TRUTH.

2. We must lift up our voice we cannot be silent any longer.


It was so powerful to hear Pastor Mullins speak of the black robe brigades.  He is talking about Pastors banding together to lead the way.  This is what we have been looking for; this is another avenue where the message of Principles and values can be shared. The Fourth of July, for me, was the best I have ever had.  I learned something this year along with my family, that the Fourth was to be shared in true reverence, with Patriots and friends alike.  God Bless America 🙂  What a great time.

If you want to share in the terrific service, here is a link to the sermon. It is well worth it.

Christ Fellowship Service: 4th of July, 2010


One Response to “David Barton, Pastor Tom and Glenn Beck”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Couldn’t agree more — 2nd best July 4th of my life.

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