Movie Night With Jim and Corrine with The John Birch Society

Saw the movie documentary of, “Don’t Tread On Me”, last night at Jim and Corrine Di Pasquale’s home in Coconut Creek. Fantastic and a must see for all 9-12 ers. It keys in on the behemoth that our Federal Government has become and how it got there illegally and unconstitutionally, along with education on the 9th and 10th amendments. Christine and I have a couple of copies to pass around, so contact me to secure a spot and/or maybe we can show it as a group. It is just shy of 1 1/2 hours long and touches base on a lot of topics with commentary from many in the Missouri State Congress, some radio personalities and good ‘olSheriff Mack. There was great conversation that took place and we didn’t agree on everything but the discussions were kept civil. This is important as we need to support each other to accomplish what needs to be done. We will never agree 100% with each other or with a candidate but remember this, our Founding Fathers referred to the Holy Bible for everything. So if we think we are doing the right thing, sometimes our own feelings can make us make the wrong choices, we need to refer to the Word of God because he has already written out instructions to what is about to take place.


One Response to “Movie Night With Jim and Corrine with The John Birch Society”
  1. Sounds great we can do a potluck movie night or desserts again! Plan it and people will come 🙂

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