South Florida 912 Meets the Candidates at the Jamboree

On a hot and windy Saturday afternoon, candidates from state-wide races down to the local School Board gathered for some speechmaking, schmoozing and barbeque. Our booth sat in the midst of it all, attracting some interest in membership and selling our logo’d and patriotic items.

Highlighted by “rock star” Colonel Allen West, we also heard from Governor candidates Rick Scott, Bill McCollum and Mike McCalister (who may join us for our 8/3 Lantana meeting). We also heard from several candidates that are members or frequent participants in South Florida 912, including Joe Budd (CD19), Mike Lameyer (FS27), Tami Donnally (FH85), Steve Rosenblum (FH89), and Sherry Lee (BCC2).


3 Responses to “South Florida 912 Meets the Candidates at the Jamboree”
  1. Great pictures! We had a really good time.

  2. Florida Gator Florida Gator says:

    The food was great!

  3. Claire & Don says:

    Looks like we missed a good time. We had our hands full trying to get 4 liberals from GA to “WAKE UP”!

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