We’re paying the tab, and we’re keeping tabs on YOU!

This morning, several South Florida 912 members participated in introducing the Palm Beach County Taxpayers’ Action Board (TAB) to the County.   Following is the TAB press release.   But talk is cheap.  We need concerned citizens willing to put in the effort to make realistic and creative suggestions to cut spending and costs while maintaining the same level of service.

Please visit the TAB website at PBCTAB.ORG and join us in this effort!

July 20, 2010

The newly formed Palm Beach County Taxpayers’ Action Board (TAB), a coalition of local business organizations, civic groups, and self-appointed “Government Watchdogs”, addressed the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners this morning.  The County Commission was to decide on the maximum millage rate going forward to the PBC Appraiser for preliminary tax assessments.

TAB was introduced at the meeting through a series of talks by coalition participants from South Florida 912, South Florida Tea Party, PBC Lower Taxes Now, the Taxpayer Action Network, the Economic Council, and other concerned citizens.

The speakers echoed common themes:

  • We’re paying the tab, and we’re keeping tabs on you.
  • County spending is out of line when compared to economic conditions and the millage rate should not be increased from the 2009/2010 level of 4.344.
  • We want the level of service to remain the same – this is not an attempt to close swimming pools, parks or alter perceived levels of services.
  • Efficiencies can be gained by County and Constitutional Officers working together to avoid duplication, and by applying creative approaches to cost-cutting.
  • Similar efforts in other cities, counties and states have saved tax-payers millions of dollars – we should be able to achieve the same here in Palm Beach County.
  • We expect and request that the County and Constitutional Officers  cooperate with requests for information.
  • If the only way to bring spending under control is to change the structure of the county government, then, long term, that is what will be pursued.

TAB will solicit constructive ideas from the public  – because we are ‘the public’, and bring back specific proposals in time for the public Budget hearings scheduled for September.

Copies of the TAB members’ presentations will be posted on http://pbctab.org.

The Commissioners voted to accept the County staff proposed top 4.75% millage rate.  They also agreed to add an additional budget workshop on August 31 from 2-5pm – with the express purpose of including Constitutional Officers in the debate.

Please contact info@pbctab.org for more information or if you would like to join the coalition.

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