Finding Young Conservatives

Ed. Note:  This was received at info@southflorida912.org from Sheri Krass of the Broward chapter of SFTP.


The majority of people who are with the Tea Party and other similar groups are “Baby Boomers”. In their youth, many were “Flower Children” – often very liberal – living in a “drug-induced fog”.

Although I am part of this generation, I was never a Flower Child.  Most, with experience and wisdom, “grew out” of this mentality. Many of those who didn’t, “migrated” west to Hollywood!

We fought for civil rights (We’re “racists”?), women’s rights, equal employment, animal rights, environmental issues etc. This generation had a major influence on changing our society.

Baby Boomers now find themselves protesting again. Where before they were focused on their own future, this time they are fighting for future generations – their children and grandchildren. But, the very Young Adults who they are protesting for are quiet and rarely participate.


Our youth have been fed lies, distortions of the truth, and propaganda throughout their lives. Most colleges have a liberal/progressive agenda. 

But, there ARE Young Adults who are more conservative and haven’t been “brainwashed”.. Unfortunately, they are “laying low” and keeping behind the scenes.  If they voice their opinion, they feel the ire of their professors and contemporaries.

I suggest that we work to find these more conservative youths and encourage them to participate. They need to become involved in the November elections. It is their future we are fighting for.

One step would be to find conservative groups on college campuses. Since it is summer, it would probably be best to wait until the fall semester to contact these groups – when they have full attendance. Until then, we can research the colleges in our area.

The Young Americans For Liberty (http://www.yaliberty.org) have chapters listed at many different campuses. A list can be found on my website, http://www.patriots-united.com. Go to your State (upper right corner) to see if any are listed.

You can go to the Young Americans For Freedom website, http://www.yaf.org – a national conservative youth organization. Unfortunately, I did not find a link, on their website, to their state/university chapters – so they are more difficult to find. I have done a preliminary search and have found a few.  I’ll continue to search and will get them posted on my website.


Young Americans For Freedom – California

Minnesota Young Americans For Freedom

University Of Calilfornia – San Diego

Penn State University

Florida Young Americans For Freedom

Young Conservatives Of Texas – Broke away from YAF and is now Independent

Florida International University

Young Americans For Freedom – Virginia

Michigan State University



Each Tea Party group should consider setting up a committee to attract Young Adults. An option is to contact youth groups in churches. We can talk to our children and grandchildren. Once youth leaders are identified in each area, they can work to attract others.

These Young Adults will be voting in the November election. In 2008, they had a strong influence on getting Obama elected. We need to reach them!

Sheri Krass
Broward Chapter of the South Florida Tea Party
sheri@patriots-united.com  or patriotsunited@usa.com


One Response to “Finding Young Conservatives”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    I personally endorse Young Americans for Liberty. They are a subsidiary-outgrowth of the Campaign For Liberty (C4L) movement Ron Paul created after the 2008 Election.

    YAF is great as well, there’s a chapter at FAU.

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