Lowell Levine for PBC School Board

Hello, I am Lowell Levine, a candidate for the pbc school board district four.

My campaign pledge is to all the residents of the county to cut all the wasted spending and have no school tax increases. Enough is enough. Only 25% of your tax dollars that go to school taxes is for actual education. The rest -75% is for non education expenses that have to be cut / eliminated and deferred for review.

Please vote for Lowell Levine in school district 4 on august 24th primary day and lets end this nonsense once and for all.


3 Responses to “Lowell Levine for PBC School Board”

    Hi – I just wanted to let everyone know that I have done alot of research on my District # 3, and I am voting for Tom Whatley. I am a teacher in this school district and I believe that Tom Whatley will do the best job on our board. He is a registered Independent, the SB position is a non-partisan position, and his views, of all the other candidates for # 3, are most closely aligned with mine. Check out his website at : ‘www.votetomwhatley.com’

    Thank you.

  2. hello voters…come out and vote august 14th…and remember to vote for Lowell levine,the strongest,most qualified for the position…and might i add the most popular….might i add he’s been given a huge Federal Government Grant for his “STOP BULLYING FOUNDATION” what other candidate has that ability in their pocket..
    Lowell’s Foundation is Huge..iIs everyone aware that at least one student a day in this country committs suicide a DAY because of bullying…Lowell’s willing to take the bull by the horns and stop the Bullying Now…!!!.
    His service on the Palm Beach County School Board will assist his efforts to help schools ,with the use of the money he raises from his foundation, to counsel the children,helping them understand and personally listening to them and using qualified phychotherapists his website has a hotline that students can click on and get immediate counselling…..look at his website…www.lowelllevine.com…and….www.stopbullyingnow.org and you’ll see who the qualified candidate is!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you
    Thank you!!!!!!

  3. Who could be a better candidate than Lowell levine??? his huge Federal Grant for his STOP BULLYING FOUNDATION…has created nationwide coverage,,his website http://www.stopbullyingnow.org has a page where children can click and get hotline ,providing immediate assistance..
    together with Lowell’s donations and his nationwide efforts,his election and talents on the Palm Beach School Board…with assist the children and parents in everyway…..LOWELL WILL GIVE HIS EVERY EFFORT TO MAKE THE SCHOOLS SAFER AND BETTER QUALITY…working with present extremely qualified board members.!!!
    look at his website http://www.lowelllevine.com
    Thank you for your asistance and vote on August 14th.

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