Allen West at Palm Beach Gardens

I had the opportunity to be in Palm Beach Gardens tonight to hear Col. Allen West speak.  As always, the Col. was right on the mark.  This man is truly one of us.

The evening started with a beautiful rendition of The Start Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, and two separate invocations.  After that, we viewed his new video, which does a great job of debunking the claims of his detractors as to his service during a well-known interrogation in Iraq.  In short, his battalion had captured an insurgent; this insurgent had information about upcoming attacks and was less than cooperative.  Like any good commander responsible for the lives of his men, the Col. did not have time to waste, took matters into his own hands, and convinced the man to divulge the information.  You can view the video for specifics.

The Col. gave a great talk; he never gives what I’d call a speech.  Speeches are generally boring; he talks to an audience if we were all just gathered in his home listening to what he has to say.  He talks about the things we are all concerned with.  Term limits, border security, taxation, terrorism, and a host of other issues.  When he was done speaking, he fielded direct questions for about a half hour, and then he made himself available for one on one questioning.

One final key point is this; the Col. is very much aware that as receptive as all of us were, he was preaching to the choir.  We all need to spread the word, not only about him, but any and all candidates that we are inclined to agree with.  He laid down a very strong goal for voter turnout; 60% for the primary on August 24th, and 80% in the general election on November 2nd.

The time is now.  I’ll do my part to help get the vote out for him and some of the other great candidates we have, and I ask that everyone do whatever they can to help in the effort.


4 Responses to “Allen West at Palm Beach Gardens”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Great summary, David. While there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd of around 400 – there were lots of folks we’d never seen at Allen’s events.

    Besides working directly for his campaign – wear your Allen West buttons, hats, t-shirts to help get the word out!

  2. Thanks David I am sorry I could not be there! Your description helped me feel a little better. Part of the crowd. I also watched the video on the home page of this site as well. It was very well done.

  3. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Love the part of the video after he describes the incident — “the prisoner talked”.

  4. Starla Brown Starla Brown says:

    David… Thanks for such a good article. The 912 Group has been so supportive of Allen and all of the many candidates who are working hard to turn this country around and back to the principles on which it was founded. We will be needing each and every person in the Northern Palm Beach County area to help get the vote out… look forward to phone calls, walks and all that we can do to get Allen elected!

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