Not only will we be voting for candidates this November but also for nine Amendments to our Florida Constitution. Here is a list of them. You can decide yourself which you should vote for or against.


1 Repeal public campaign financing

2 Property tax credit for deployed military personnel

3 Property tax limit for non-homestead property

4 “Hometown Democracy” = would require voter approval of building proposals that differ from pre-approved growth plans

5 & 6  Redistricting effort to allow Florida Courts to draw redistricting maps

7 Standards for the Florida Legislature to follow in legislative and congressional redistricting

8 School size requirements = raises the maximum number of students allowed in a classroom

9 Health Care services = The Florida Legislature can prevent any government from forcing citizens to buy health insurance


  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    Amendment 4 on this list — Hometown Democracy — is a heinous law masquerading as “power to the people”. It would lead to people needing to vote on absolutely EVERYTHING before implementation or execution. You can’t get 10% of the registered voters to show up for a special election, let alone if they had to vote on something every few days. Elections would be swung one way or another by whatever special interest buys the vote. Don’t be fooled by the name.

  2. Iris Iris says:

    I think that a few have already been knocked off the ballot – #7 and #9 – altho’ #9 is still in lawsuit so it could come back. I think there are problems with a couple of the others also. We’ll have to wait awhile to see. Here is a link to the amendments as written. The Florida State site doesn’t reflect the issues with the amendments:

    Ballot Initiatives

    Additionally – there is a referendum on balanced budget – non-binding:


    Besides these, there will be other amendments at other levels. For example – the PBC Charter Amendment to allow for the Inspector General to apply to the municipalities is on the ballot.

    Make sure you keep your focus on 8/24 everyone! We need good candidates elected in the Primary!

  3. Iris Iris says:

    Final decision by FL Supreme Court – several amendments removed:
    Supreme Court tosses legislature’s amendments off the ballot!

  4. Steve says:


    You are exactly right! Amendment 4 masquerades as something good for the “folks”.

    If you are unhappy about he current economy in Florida, Amendment 4 will only make matters worse, not better. The worst thing we need right now is another roadblock to deter business to our state. Residents that support the amendment will be sorry when their jobs are in greater jeopardy if amendment 4 passes.

    But it sounds like the amendment 4 people want fewer jobs and higher taxes.

    Why do you think St. Pete Beach repealed their version after only three years! They learned their lesson. Florida should learn from this history or be doomed to repeat it.

    Just VOTE NO!!!

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