View your August 24 Sample Ballot on line

Early voting has ended as of 2pm on Sunday.   Tuesday is it – Election Day!

The Supervisor of Elections was mailing out individualized-by-precinct ballots last Monday.  I know that I haven’t received mine yet.  However – you can view your ballot on-line.  Either go to the SOE precinct finder or go to the Elections Tab at the home page of our website and click on ‘find your districts’.  Fill out your address and then when you get to the screen that lists your options, click on ‘view sample ballot’, put in your party affiliation and it will bring up your ballot and polling place.

Remember – even if you aren’t registered in a political party (eg you’re NPA) – you still may have items on the ballot – Judges, School Board, etc.  Please take the time to check and make sure.  Every vote counts!


2 Responses to “View your August 24 Sample Ballot on line”
  1. P Shepherd says:

    wont give me my precinct or a sample ballot. Need it now.

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