UPDATE: West Palm Beach City Commission votes to kill ballot initiative for Lois Frankel’s 3rd term

UPDATE: Watch video from the Public Comments portion of the meeting here.

About 30 of our fellow patriots turned out in opposition to the city commission’s consideration of the ballot initiative, on putting the term limit question to the voters, even though the law is already in place. Faces I recognized in the gallery were David DiCrecenzo, Robert Tingatella, Matthew and Christy Kinney, Melissa Nash Andrews, Alison Rampersad, Tammy Donnally, and Sherry Lee.  Mayor Frankel did her level best to wear everyone out by putting the motion on the agenda dead last, but Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell made the motion to move it up on the docket, after the first 10 items took almost 2 hours to get through, and there were 10 more to go.  While there were a handful of Frankel’s supporters there to applaud every single time Mayor Lois blew her nose, they were far outnumbered by those telling her that her days were numbered.  The deciding vote on tabling the motion was cast by Commissioner Issac Robinson, leaving the petition drive as the only way Mayor Frankel can get it on the ballot in November.  The committtee has until August 20th to collect  +/- 5800 petitions to force the issue on to the ballot, where it will most likely go down in flames.  The rumor is that in over six weeks of campaigning, they’ve only managed to collect 2000 signatures. 

With 11 days to go, the smart money is on failure, but don’t be so quick to count Frankel out.  She is a political animal who has no doubt triangulated back-up plan after back-up plan to keep her throne.  Here’s a scary one to consider — the charter, as written in 1988, says that no mayor that’s served 2 full terms can seek a consecutive third term.  Well, what’s keeping her from resigning on the date of the filing deadline — sometime in late December — and putting her name on the ballot for the March election?  By resigning early, her second term becomes incomplete, in other words, not full, as the charter requires.  I have to believe that the voters would rise up against her in March, but with the usual apathy around off-cycle elections, anything is possible.  Like Joyce says, “Stay on the Wall!” Thanks to everyone who came out, and a “HUZZAH!” to everyone who got up and told truth to power!


2 Responses to “UPDATE: West Palm Beach City Commission votes to kill ballot initiative for Lois Frankel’s 3rd term”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    She’s not giving up but says she won’t resign, as Ed suggests she might ;-):

    Frankel Not Giving Up Hope of Third Term

  2. Roberto Roberto says:

    Another one for the active patriots staying on the wall. Thank you for everything you are doing.

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