Pray, Prepare and with Purpose Get Involved

This week I have had  a number of calls from people asking who I am going to vote for… Needless to say I would turn it around and ask them to do the research. I have had people tell me how much they appreciate our website. Some people have watched the debates and that has really helped them. It is so great to hear that. I even have started having people send me info on candidates that I might not know. That is really great! The candidate nights have really helped as well, I am told. One new 912 member told me that she was undecided and based on our last event and some research she now feels confident who she is voting for. This is a good reason  to come to the events and meet the candidates and decide for yourself who you want to support. I have been asked for my opinion or advice so here it is – drum roll please…..

PRINCIPLED PEOPLE – thats the secret, for me, get to know the candidate. My thought is if you cannot get to the candidate now or get an email response or a phone call then they are not going to be accessible as an elected official. Just something to think about.

Early voting has started and it is time to make a decision. Come out to our next event on Monday night at the Original Pancake House at 7pm. Order dinner and the kids eat free under 12. Any candidate is welcome no matter what affiliation.

That said, if you vote early then you can help someone on their campaign. These candidates need money and your time. For all of you that have in the past sent faxes, called your congressman and went to a “teaparty” rally, I hope and pray you are working on a quality, principled candidate’s campaign. If you are not then you need to look in a mirror and ask your self “why?”

To restore our country, we need to restore and renew ourselves. We need to pray, prepare and with purpose get involved. Donate money to your favorite candidates $9.12 at least or $91.20 – let them know you are a 912er. What ever you decide you must get behind the quality candidates regardless of party affiliation. Pray for our Country and our leaders and our pastors. They need our prayers.

Who are you supporting? Are you making calls? Do you have a sign in the yard?

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