School started and I have to do what??

My kids started school Tuesday and the craziness has begun. I now officially have 3 kids in 3 different schools. Could it get any nuttier? So far this week the buses seem to be getting later everyday instead of speeding things up. I have spent countless amount of time on the phone and in email with the bus transportation department. Then my son has been given a new schedule for school with only 3 school days, 4 times and it is still not correct. So far I have made┬ácall’s ranging from the school principal- who BTW still has not called me back – to the school superintendent. Where is the accountability? I am getting more and more skeptical on how the whole system even works. So wish me and my kids luck this week as I wish all the other parents the same. I am sure I am not the only one. However with all that keeps me busy on the home front – I am still keeping my eye on the prize ( the elections and voting for the principled candidates). To all the parents with the kids back to school I empathize but remember we do all this for them. It is our duty to help make a difference in this world and teach them along the way. Even if I have to be seen running with two cell phones on each ear chasing a school bus down the road.

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