Here is something those in the Insurance Industry have discovered after studying the OBAMA Health Care Plan. This applies to Pre-existing conditions, and it is far from FREE! If you have a Pre-existing condition, take in mind that these are YEARLY costs. First you must pay a $2500.00 deductible before you can get any benefits. And , you must pay $300.00 a month to receive this free Healthcare. If you don’t, you go to jail and I’m sure any assets you own will be confiscated. Then your coverage will be either 60/40 or 80/20. So you ¬†still, after paying the deductible and monthly premium ,have to come up with anywhere from 20% t0 40% of the total cost. I wonder what happens if you can’t come up with the 20%? The Insurance Industry estimates that this in total will cost the average person $12000.00 a year. Remember, THIS IS FOR 1 PERSON. By the way, it must first come out of your pocket and then you will be reimbursed, after they review your case and IF they decide you can qualify for the full reimbursement. One more thing. This estimate I am giving you is the lowest payment anyone will give. It can be much higher, if the Government decides you can pay more. In some cases the Insurance Industry claims that the same people could pay as high as $27,000 yearly. It is all up to the bureaucrats! ¬† FREE HEALTH CARE????? P.S. Don’t forget about all the paperwork and other hoops, like financial investigations, they will make you jump through to even get signed up!

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